eBook: The Buyer's Guide to Managed Chat

"Many optimistic dealers tried outsourcing live chat ended up being horribly disappointed. Whether the issue is poor communication from the chat team to customers, low ROI, or inadequate support from the chat vendor, the result was the same: a let-down dealer who felt like the managed chat service was a waste of money. But managed chat is not here to make your life more difficult. In fact, it's quite the opposite."

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eBook: Live Chat DIY Kit for Car Dealers

"Managing live chat yourself at the dealership can get costly if you don't have the right tools and business processes in place to engage online shoppers and move them further down the purchase funnel. To help dealers get the most out of managing chat for themselves, ActivEngage has compiled a kit with ALL of the tools you need to successfully DIY your live chat."

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Is your dealership website mobile-ready?-3D

eBook: Is Your Dealership Mobile-Ready?

"2,781,000,000. That is the number of people across the globe that can access the Internet from their mobile phones today. And this number will only increase in the next year. This growing mobile landscape is a clear indication that, in 2015, a mobile website strategy is not “nice to have” -- it’s absolutely necessary."

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6 dealership email fails

eBook: 6 Dealership Email Fails and How to Prevent Them

"Follow-up emails are so crucial to a dealership’s marketing and communication strategy, but valuable and helpful content is recently taking a backseat to speed and convenience. Over the past few months, we’ve reviewed several dealership follow-up emails - and we’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly."

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eBook: The Repair Order for your Dealership's Fixed Ops Strategy

"Don’t let your dealership’s most profitable departments lose the Internet race to national repair chains and local service shops. "

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eBook: Seven Reasons Live Chat Fails

"Arm your dealership with the knowledge to plan, implement and manage a chat strategy that effectively doubles the volume of leads generated from your website."

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eBook: Live Chat: White Glove Style

"It's time to put on your virtual suit and tie because we’re about to talk about digital professionalism! That’s right, professional live chat...specifically for the automotive industry! Not all chat providers out there offer a top-notch service. Some of them are only adequate at best, and others barely scratch the surface of what professional live chat should be."

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