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Having a streamlined online auto services process is just as important as selling vehicles when it comes to customer retention in the automotive business.

With ServiceConnect™, ActivEngage accurately handles scheduling appointments sent directly to your dealership’s automotive scheduling software. New customers or existing customers can book appointments through chat! We integrate with XTime Schedule, Dealersocket, and TimeHighway auto repair scheduling software.

ServiceConnect: The Perfect Partner to Dealership Service Centers and Auto Repair Shops

ActivEngage’s Customer Engagement Experts are trained to handle online conversations with your service customers, listening to their concerns, needs, and inquiries to determine what type of appointment they need, or if multiple appointments are needed.

Our team helps businesses even further by receiving training on when and how to upsell, often lifting repair orders by 30% during the online booking process. They are the perfect companion for your online booking page and online calendar scheduling.

Have the Best Customer Service Team in The Automotive Industry Handle YOUR Auto Repair Appointment Scheduler

Our integrations allow our team to log right into the automotive scheduling software your business uses with all key features included. They can schedule routine maintenance, and any other specific services that need scheduling, and offer any other recommended services for increased value.

They can see appointment history, confirm upcoming appointments, and set future or recurring appointments during your business' working hours. They can see real time availability, just like you!

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Have a top industry- trained team handle your customers
Accurate customer information
More accurate online booking for your service department
DMS integration
Appointments sent straight to your DMS
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Experience higher rates of customer retention
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Connected to Your DMS for Seamless Data Transferring

Nothing frustrates vehicle owners more than booking an appointment online only for the service advisor to discover no record of it at auto repair shops and service centers OR be told that they need more appointments.

ActivEngage service appointments are set through the automotive scheduling software and connected to your DMS, eliminating overbooking, time conflicts, appointments set outside of your business operating hours, and of course, the dreaded missing appointment.

Fill Multiple Bays With ActivEngage Automotive Repair Appointments

How many technicians can you spare behind phones or computers? ActivEngage sets you up for success by motivating your online customers to drive to your service bays by integrating with your automotive appointment scheduling software.

As service customers continue to migrate online to schedule appointments, it’s crucial to capitalize on the opportunity to earn their business. Adding ActivEngage to your existing solutions and tools helps capture your online customers anytime, and build trust with a painless process.


Increase in show rate


Increase per RO


Increase in show rate


Increase per RO


Fully Integrated with Premier Auto Repair Scheduling Software

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"DealerSocket’s Service Scheduler unifies your service and sales departments in a shared mission to capture, convert, and retain lifelong customers."

Our access to the DealerSocket platform boosts your scheduling capabilities with an online customer assistance team available 24 hours a day.


" offers real-time, online service scheduling with DMS integration."

ActivEngage integrates with TimeHighway to deliver concierge service scheduling for your online customers.

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"Whether you need to service more cars in less time, grow dollars per RO, or make service more convenient for your customers, Xtime Schedule will help get you there while cultivating loyal customers."

ActivEngage Experts access your XTime Schedule platform to schedule service appointments for your online customers. A great convenience for you, and a true customer experience enhancement for your online fixed ops and service experience.

Want to learn more about how ActivEngage can enhance YOUR dealership's automotive repair scheduling software experience?

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