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Our Integration

Ever-Connected From One Cox Automotive Service To Another.

ActivEngage Messaging Software is integrated throughout the entire Cox Automotive suite of web applications and services, paving the way for unique and efficient omni-channel digital customer experiences. This kind of seamless messaging experience is only possible with the deep level of integration ActivEngage has with Cox Automotive. Get ready for unmatched engagement possibilities!
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Accelerate My Deal

ActivEngage X Accelerate My Deal

Add Guided Messaging to Cox Automotive’s Accelerate My Deal Digital Retailing Service.

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Live Guidance From A to Z
There are many factors to consider when buying a vehicle, and customers can engage during any point in their own buying journey. This reduces friction across every stage.
Increased Car Buyer Confidence
Adding a dealership advocate to any point of the car buying process dramatically increases the consumer’s confidence in continuing, and that they are making the right decision.
Start & Stop Convenience
Consumers don’t often complete an online vehicle purchase in one sitting. ActivEngage’s smart queue feature ensures previous conversations pick up right where they left off.
Console retailing interface
RetailSync Logo
Follow along with consumers in the Accelerate My Deal online process directly within the ActivEngage console. Thanks to RetailSync’s live updates, you can now provide a higher level of service and guidance to your online car buyers. RetailSync helps agents address issues as they arise, preventing friction points that would otherwise cause a car buyer to quit the process early.
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Agent taking a video call inside the ActivEngage chat console

Video Assist

ActivEngage's live messaging software is now available with on-demand video conferencing. Built to operate inside of the ActivEngage console, Video Assist runs alongside live conversations as a complementary engagement tool without compromising any messaging functionality.
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ActivEngage X Autotrader

Meet Consumers Where They Are With Live Messaging on the Largest Automotive Marketplace.

Customer messaging agent on autotrader website listing
Capture Consumers Earlier On
Autotrader’s reach is huge. Capitalize on the visibility your inventory receives by bringing live messaging service options to your shoppers.
Increase Dealership Trust & Loyalty
A quality experience goes a long way. Once a consumer realizes they have access to a real advocate, they will inquire further.
Expand Your Quality Reputation
Give shoppers a taste of your dealership’s quality experience upfront regardless of the vehicle of interest.
Highlighted chat button on autotrader website

Increase Your Autotrader VDP Listings Value with Quality Messaging.

When a consumer launches into a chat from an Autotrader VDP listing, the messaging agent receives details about that specific vehicle, enabling them to jump into the conversation with context.

ActivEngage X

Integrate Your Live Messaging Into Your Website Experience for Exciting New Possibilities.

Chat interface on a website with vehicle listings
Inline Messaging
Integrate messaging graphics tastefully into websites with the added benefit of vehicle details from inline buttons.
Ready-to-Go Integrated Software
Fully integrated with websites, ActivEngage software requires minimal configuration to get up and running effectively.
OEM Branding
Maintained according to OEM specs, ActivEngage’s messaging graphics and user interface are OEM compliant.
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Just One Line of Code is All it Takes to to Activate Powerful Live Messaging.

ActivEngage software runs efficiently and effectively, and thanks to our integration with Cox Automotive, can be up and running on websites in a matter of hours.

Kelley Blue Book

ActivEngage X KBB

Guide Consumers Further Down Funnel Through the Most Trusted Trade Valuation Service.

ActivEngage messaging invite shown on Kelley Blue Book website
Step by Step Assistance
Undoubtedly, consumers will have questions about their vehicle purchase or trade. ActivEngage’s messaging alongside KBB is a win-win scenario.
Guidance into Retailing
Oftentimes the trade valuation is the beginning of a consumer's larger transaction. Messaging advocates can point easily direct the consumer into retailing.
Increased Trustworthiness
Kelley Blue Book is already one of the most trusted name for trade values. Introducing ActivEngage live messaging here only further increases that trust.
Conversation that connects to a retailing website

Jump into Accelerate My Deal from KBB with Seamless Live Assistance.

Once the consumer’s trade valuation is complete through Kelley Blue Book, messaging advocates can invite them to find a new vehicle, look into financing options, incentives, and more without ever losing connection.
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Get the Most Out of Your Cox Automotive Services with Ever‑Connected Messaging Only From ActivEngage.

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