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Mirror your in-store car buying process online with flexible retailing tools.

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Make Digital Retailing Convenient & Customer-Centric with ActivEngage.

Car buyers want to spend less time waiting at the dealership and more time enjoying their new vehicle. Evolve your retailing process with ActivEngage’s guided retailing solutions. From tools that drive shoppers further down the sales funnel to true end-to-end online retailing, we build our products to fit the needs of both your dealership and its customers.

The key to simplified decision making is Revolve™. Decision simplicity calls for easily accessible information, trust in said information and a clear display of purchase options to quickly weigh the decision.

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The first, Signature-Ready guided retailing solution.

Would you allow one of your dealership shoppers to peer into the windows of a vehicle on your lot and not offer assistance? ...Of course not! Don’t let that happen in your digital showroom either. As times change, more and more consumers are relying on the power of online retailing. Revolve™ offers the complete package when it comes to selling cars online.

Guide By Side™ Live, Human Assistance

Signature-Ready Deals

Streamlined Customer Experience

Built for Flexibility


Accelerate Your Online Sales Without Sacrificing F&I Profit.

We built our solution to go with your dealership’s flow. Use Revolve™ to eliminate lengthy processes, enhance your customer experience and significantly raise your bottom line. Skip the middleman and save everyone's sanity! Our unique integrations with companies like DealerTrack and RouteOne give your shoppers access to real-time offers without taking a cut of your dealership's hard-earned F&I profits.

One-of-a-kind Integrations

No F&I Interference

Streamlined Desking


Now more than ever, car buyers are looking for an effortless, smooth purchasing experience from your dealership. With QualiFi soft credit pulls, you can get ahead of the in-store visit by knowing your shoppers’ auto trade line information, current car payment, live FICO scores, and more.
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Put Customers in the Right Vehicle, Right Away

Empower your team to close more sales faster by providing them with information on the shopper’s buying power upfront. That way, your staff can prioritize sales opportunities, manage shopper expectations, and deliver more personal customer experience at the store.

Prescreen Shoppers Across Digital Channels

QualiFi works inside the ActivEngage platform, which means that your team (or ours) can pull soft credit wherever your customers engage. Whether it's on your website via chat, on-the-go via text, or on Marketplace via Messenger, your ActivEngage leads are highly-qualified.

Partner Integrations

Gain all of the industry’s most innovative tools through ActivEngage’s extensive partner integrations. With platforms designed from the ground up to serve accurate pricing for shoppers, your online retailing solution will be the talk of the town.

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CDK Connected Store

Maximize the power of your digital showroom by guiding shoppers through crucial stages in the buying process with CDK Connected Store, powered by ActivEngage.
Behavioral technology - tailored initial messaging
Inventory Sharing
Audience intent - rich shopper data
Connected store - fully-integrated ActivEngage chat

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