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The Smartest Live Chat Auto Dealer Software, Period.

ActivEngage’s proprietary messaging auto dealer software is the most stable and user-friendly communication platform in the car dealer industry. It’s flexible, scalable, and has smart features that will elevate your auto dealership’s customer experience to the next level.
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Leading-Edge Software Advantages

A Sophisticated Automotive Software That Scales with You & The Entire Automotive Industry

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People Focused UI

It's award-winning auto dealer software designed from the ground-up for you, the user, to seamlessly integrate with your dealership's sales processes and digital storefront!

A simple-to-navigate User Interface (UI) means more time creating the best customer experience for your auto dealership - which means higher customer satisfaction.

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Platform Stability

Software works best when it’s on! Our tech platform is ultra-stable and has 99.97% up-time. We're among the leading providers of integrated live chat on your dealer websites.

With extensive backup servers, we’re resilient to virtually any issue. It's the toughest live chat software solution for car dealers in the automotive business capable of handling varying workloads.

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Microservice Architecture

With an architecture of multiple microservices, overall platform health is easily monitored through our internal operations process and allows for unprecedented scaleability.

With microservices, resources are efficiently utilized allowing for any issues and changes to be resolved and implemented quickly, which streamlines operations for your user base.

Omnichannel Messaging for All Departments

5 stars

Highly-trained experts convert more quality leads, jump-start more deals, and provide more 5-star customer experiences on behalf of your dealership.


“ActivEngage is the best chat service we have used at our dealership.”

Thomas Pierce

Diver Chevrolet

“ActivEngage is the best chat service we have used at our dealership.”

Thomas Pierce

Diver Chevrolet

Software Made for Automotive

Our Ever-Improving Auto Dealer Software Prioritizes People

Our in-house development team, under leadership with a collective century of experience in the automotive industry, crafted this live chat auto dealer software specifically for car dealerships. We're not just for your sales team; our dealer software is a friend to service departments, too!

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Easy User Management
Managerial-minded features and user assignment makes it easy for you to supervise your BDC or Sales Team.
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Assistive Messaging Tools

Smart tools that help, not hinder. Pre-Read, Translation, Chat History, and Dealer Notes are just a few assistance focused features.

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Efficient User Interface

Incredibly user-friendly UI designed for ease-of-use. Quickly navigate from chats to reports and even admin settings. 

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Clear Cut Reporting

Custom analytics and reporting give you the clearest picture of how your chats are performing, allowing for effective refinement.

Software Features

Features that Enhance the Personal Relationship‑Building Process

Click on each feature below for details!
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Lead Form Autofill
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Shopper Details
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Monitor & Whisper
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Language Translator
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Auto Research
Carfax Logo
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Chat History
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Chat Queues
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Push Page
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Dealer Notes
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Reporting / Analytics
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CRM Integration
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Lead Routing

“We've worked with ActivEngage for years now for our website chat services.”

Danielle Harrington

Thelen Auto Group

“We've worked with ActivEngage for years now for our website chat services.”

Danielle Harrington

Thelen Auto Group

Software Benefits

ActivEngage Digital Messaging is an Extension of Your Dealership

Web-based Messaging Console

How stable is our web-based messaging platform? Enough to handle 10,000+ engagements a day!

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Did you forget your long, complicated password? Not a problem! A single sign-on feature allows seamless login flow between our related software and other platforms.

Console Teams Sidebar

Are you a big dealer group with multiple BDC employees to monitor? Always be in the know with a handy staff organization sidebar that lets you see and access current online live chat agents.

Multiple Conversations in One Window

Easily balance 2 or more customer conversations in the same window, on the same screen.

Messaging Translation

Accommodate your diverse, international/multi-cultural customer base while texting with 14 languages available for immediate translation.

Messaging History (Multiple Engagements)

Customers don’t like to repeat themselves! Live chat/messaging and SMS/text history allows you to review previous conversations to improve customer satisfaction and ensure they are heard and remembered. The result is a consistent customer experience with no hiccups.

Site Survey

Easily provide useful information about your dealership to all your messaging teams at once. Site survey notes are a great way to share promotions, incentives, and special offers, which can then be passed onto the consumer through conversation.

PreRead™ Consumer Responses

View customer messages as they are typing to best prepare a response and to respond in the most timely manner possible.

Pushing Pages

Push relevant pages at the end of your conversations to keep customers engaged and clicking around on your website after you’ve assisted them via live chat.

Rich Media Library (Pics & Video in Messaging)

Receive or send photos and videos to your customers - handy for looking over a prospective trade-in or touring a vehicle of interest.

Lead Form Autofill

Vehicle information auto-fills with VIN entry - our software is pretty smart!

Canned Responses

When time is of the essence, utilize stored customizable, pre-written messages for general situations and to inform a customer it might be a minute before a response. A great time saver!

Transferring Messages / Messaging Concierge

Easily transfer conversations to another agent or representative as needed.

Monitoring Messages in Real-time

Quality control and assistance is super easy with the live chat monitor function. Guide your team by always having an eye on the action.

Whisper Feature for Management

Assist and/or coach messaging representatives silently and efficiently with messages for their eyes only.

Dealer Notes

Our employees are your employees! Designate specific directions to our agents that make them the perfect extension of your dealership’s specific customer service experience.

User Permissions / Administration of Users

Assign roles and permissions by groups or individuals within your organization. Capabilities include controlling who can view reporting, update passwords/usernames, monitor conversations, and more.

Dealer Assist

If we’re managing your live chat/messaging, you can take over a chat at any time. We won’t be offended!

Edmunds and Chrome Data Integration

Quickly search and reference technical vehicle data, reviews, comparisons, and more.

Carfax Integration

Push available vehicle history during a conversation for customer review. Our platform syncs with available CarFax details that can be shared on-the-fly.

“Looking forward to continuing to work with ActivEngage in the future!”

Sarah Carson


“Looking forward to continuing to work with ActivEngage in the future!”

Sarah Carson


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Help Your Team Chat Smarter, Not Harder.

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