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Did you know? More than


of car shoppers want to finalize credit and finance paperwork online.
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According to CDK Global, more than 70% of car shoppers want to finalize credit and finance paperwork online. That can be tricky to accomplish without a knowledgeable person helping them through the process.

That’s where RetailSync comes into play!

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RetailSync is Fully Integrated with Cox Automotive's and Accelerate My Deal platforms.

We’ve made it easy for your sales team or BDC to follow along with shoppers during the retailing process. If you’re a My Deal user, just ask them to turn the feature on, and you’re all set! It’s that simple.

The Benefits of RetailSync

Meets the Needs of Your Customers

Car shoppers want to complete more steps online but often require assistance and reassurance. You can use RetailSync to give the same excellent service online as in-store.

Reduces Friction & Frustration

Our integration allows dealers to follow the shopper through every step and provide answers to questions that would typically make them quit the process.

Saves Time & Builds Trust

When your shoppers complete the process online, they’ll be happier and more excited to work with your dealership and are more likely to recommend you to friends and family!

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