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Take your dealership’s messaging experience to the next level with live video assistance.

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Video Assist in ActivEngage console example
A cutting-edge video call solution from ActivEngage that takes live chat for car dealerships to a whole new level.
Now, alongside our powerful live messaging software, you have the option to seamlessly integrate on-demand video conferencing, creating an immersive and personalized car shopping experience for the modern car shopper.

Elevate Engagement with Interactive Video Calls

With the growing number of car deals starting online, video-enabled communications are a natural next step and supplement to live chat that brings even more of a human touch to the remote car buying process.

Customers can enjoy a human-assisted remote financing experience that improves the workflow and customer experience while building value, confidence and rapport.

Face-to-face interaction with your F&I team gives customers peace of mind that they can get their finance questions answered and work through a complex purchasing process in a digital environment.

ActivEngage agent messaging consumer about a trade-in

Seamlessly Integrated within the ActivEngage Console

The activengage console featuring an integrated video tool
Video Assist is designed to seamlessly integrate within our messaging console, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted chat experience.

With no compromise on messaging functionality, you can effortlessly switch between live chat and video calls, empowering your customers to connect with your F&I team in a way that suits their preferences.

This powerful new tool is available to dealers who utilize ActivEngage messaging, as well as Cox Automotive’s Accelerate My Deal digital retailing platform.
online shopper receiving personalized messaging assistance

Empowerment through Personalized Assistance

Our video conferencing feature is not just a one-way stream. It's a platform for personalized assistance. Empower your customer with more information, right from your trusted team members. The ability to have face-to-face conversations adds a human touch to the car buying process, instilling trust and confidence every step of the way.

person waving hello over live video conferencing

Convenience and Flexibility

Video Assist offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility for car shoppers. Eliminate the need for long visits to the dealership by building a deal virtually and completing all the steps necessary to buy a car with live guidance.

person handing over car keys with technology infographic

Embrace the Future of Car Buying

Join the revolution in car buying with Video Assist. It's more than just a feature; it's a game-changer. Experience the convenience, personalization, and interactivity of live video conference calls combined with the power of ActivEngage's messaging software.
So, are you camera-ready?

Make your car buying journey extraordinary with ActivEngage's Video Assist!

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