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Stop Missing Opportunities and Keep Your Digital Dealership Fully Staffed 24/7

Shoppers are wandering around your digital showroom, on the hunt for the perfect car. Car buying isn’t something consumers want to go into blind- the decision-making process requires quite a bit of question-asking, comparing and contrasting, and thoughtful dialogue overall. Your customers need someone they trust to guide them throughout this process. Don’t let your customers leave without engaging with them first. Be available whenever they need you, and if you aren't, we will be there to back you up!
"ActivEngage works extensively with our dealership to give our customers the kind of service they’d expect to receive at our stores. Also, the chat reps do an exceptional job of answering shoppers’ questions quickly and engaging them enough to want to visit our physical location."

David Sloane

Owner, Sloane Automotive Group

Built Around Your Needs

Maximize your resources with ActivEngage. We tailor our co-managed options to meet your needs so you’re always open and always available. With our help, you can serve your auto dealership’s visitors and their needs, no matter where and no matter when. Never miss a sales lead again!

AfterHours Chat

Already have a staff to handle your chat inquiries during working hours but prefer to remain available once they go home for the day? Try our AfterHours backup service and stay connected with your online shoppers 24/7.

Backup Chat

Customize your backup car chat support with ActivEngage. We can handle chats when your team gets too busy, during late-night hours, or on the weekends. Just ask us how we can best assist your dealership.

More Than Just a Message

Live chat is much more than just a call to action. It’s a way for you to engage with your customers, start a dialogue, and help them take the first steps along their car buying journey. At ActiveEngage, Car Chat is more than just a message or a software or a service. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help your customers find the cars of their dreams. Our technology is constantly evolving to better serve our clients and their customers, and our live chat representatives are doing just the same to bring you top-tier customer support all the time.

An Expert Team You Can Rely On

With ActivEngage, you always know your online customers are in good hands. Our messaging specialists are highly trained to represent your automotive dealership.

Centrally-Managed for Quality Assurance

Our representatives aren’t out on their own chatting to your potential customers. We ensure top-quality chat services with our central management model.

Specially Trained and Tested on Your Dealership

No need to worry about the details! Our chat representatives do the research, must pass an assessment, and basically become working experts on your car dealership to ensure your customers get the most accurate information possible.

Customer Service Backgrounds Required

Our car chat representatives know exactly how to connect with customers and must have experience working with people before joining our team. They will make sure your customer leaves feeling satisfied and hopefully, ready to buy one of your cars!

Average Chat Specialist Tenure is Two Years

Our experienced chat representatives love what they do and tend to stick with it. Rest assured that the people your customers will be chatting with know what they’re doing and want to provide the best service possible.

For High-Quality Leads

Get better leads so you can close more deals. We hold our team to the highest chat standards, so your team can work smarter, not harder.
  • 80% Chat-to-Lead Conversion
  • 75% Leads with Phone Numbers
  • 20% Leads with Appointments

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