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Behavioral incentives that increase lead volume & boost test drives.

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Showcase Relevant Offers

Maintain your dealership’s evolving goals by showcasing current deals to the customers most likely to convert.

Behavioral Deployment

Customizable deployment options ensure that the right offers are delivered to the right shoppers at the right time.

Drastically Increase Lead Volume

ActivTarget never cannibalizes your leads. It’s the perfect solution to kick your lead volume up several notches.

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Large Dealer Group

Lead volume increase when an ActivTarget offer displays on user's return to the website
Overall average lead volume increase while using ActivTarget
Lead volume increase when an ActivTarget offer displays after X minutes on a page
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Adjustable Workflows

Deployments can be tweaked and fine-tuned at any point to achieve your desired result.

Multiple Offers

Test different types of offers and configurations to maximize lead flow.

Customizable Graphics

Tailor editable text or upload an image to showcase your offering.

Quick, OEM Compliant Setup

Setup is painless, and launch times are immediate, so results are seen fast!

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor and track your results to figure out the best practices for your dealership.

Terms & Conditions

Be transparent and upfront with your customers through your own terms & conditions.
Man receives ActivTarget offer on mobile phone

Launch into a Conversation

When you run a campaign that requires immediate action, you need quick follow-up. The ability to launch chat or text from specific offers makes for easy scheduling, which shortens the path to the sale.

Converts shoppers into confirmed appointments

Perfect for time-sensitive campaigns

Provides convenience to your customers

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