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In-house messaging costs

What is the Cost of In-House Chat?

Hiring staff at the dealership to launch automotive live chat can cost upwards of $20K a month. And if the wrong team handles chats, it could cost your dealership its reputation.

There’s a better alternative.

Our Specialists are Highly-Trained to Represent Your Dealership

Choosing who represents your dealership matters to you and your shoppers. That’s why our specialists are hired and trained to offer the best customer service possible.

3 Week Initial Chat Training

2 Year Average Chat Specialist Tenure

Centrally-Managed For Quality Assurance

Held to Quality Standards

On-Going Industry Training

Customer Service Backgrounds a Must

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Your Interactions are Handled by an Automotive-Specific Team

There’s more to your dealership than the Sales Department. That’s why our team is trained to chat and generate leads for ALL departments, including:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Parts
  • Finance
  • Customer Service

Set Yourself Apart with the Highest Standards in the Industry

Hire conversion experts at your digital dealership. ActivEngage Specialists are trained to produce these unmatched results for car dealerships:

  • 80% Chat-to-Lead Conversion
  • 75% Leads with Phone Numbers
  • 20% Leads with Appointments
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Managed Chat Add-Ons for Even More Robust Conversations


Live Chat: White Glove Style

Your reputation and customer satisfaction rely on this decision. Don’t make the mistake of choosing an unprofessional chat provider to represent your dealership!

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Learn More about ActivEngage Managed Service