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The Repair Order For Your Dealership's Fixed Ops Strategy

Learn how to sell your most profitable departments in the digital world

For years, dealerships have geared their website content toward new sales. By completely overlooking the revenue-generating machine that is service and parts in the online world, dealerships have made way for national service chains and repair shops to completely dominate the online race for more customers.
The good news is your dealership has all the tools you need to repair your fixed ops marketing and build an online presence that will get customers back into your service bays!

This eBook will help you utilize those tools effectively to

  • Drive more fixed ops shoppers to your website by updating your SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Showcase your staff, amenities, and unique benefits through relevant content
  • Increase your website leads and produce more service appointments using advanced engagement tools
From discovery to desking, this eBook touches on the entire customer journey and outlines innovative ways for you to take your dealership to the next level.