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What We Do For You

Revolutionize your customers’ digital retailing journey

We’ve been there, done that, and will do it for you, too.

With ActivEngage, you're not just getting another vendor. You're getting an invaluable partner and trusted collaborator who shares your vision of how a commerce communications platform for car dealerships should be.

We believe in the power of adaptability. Which is why we create exceptional experiences with the flexibility to level up or down support while helping to form strong consumer-dealership connections.

We earn your business every step of the way. Save and make more money with an automotive live chat provider who understands your unique goals and delivers the results you desire. And with a dedicated account representative, you'll never wonder who you'll talk to when you need help.

Your customers are making one of life's most expensive and emotional purchases — Let's give them a customer experience to remember and feel great about.

ActivEngage agent messaging consumer about a trade-in

Our Experience

Your digital messaging driver with more than 14,000 satisfied customers in automotive chat.

It’s no accident that ActivEngage has been the notable leader in automotive digital messaging innovations for more than two decades. Our secret? Humble leadership of seasoned automotive professionals keenly tuned into the specific needs of the market and customer experience sentiments.
The accumulation of knowledge, insight and expertise gained through years of hands-on specialization has allowed us to fine-tune our innovative conversational tools to anticipate and address consumer needs more effectively and deliver the exceptional outcomes we observe today.
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“We have used ActivEngage for 5 years and they are top notch!”

Josh Vanderburg

Town & Country Ford

“We have used ActivEngage for 5 years and they are top notch!”

Josh Vanderburg

Town & Country Ford

Our People

Our passion for conversation builds trusting relationships and encourages action

Great people are what makes ActivEngage grow and succeed, and everyone in our organization is committed to evolving the conversation and helping your dealership and your customers win.

Your Guidance, Our Conversations

Simply provide us with your dealership info and current offers, and our Customer Experience Experts (CEEs) will take care of the rest.

Chat Optimization

We strive to make the best automotive messaging platform. Our dedicated CEEs provide valuable feedback to continuously improve our workflow and enhance performance.

Automotive Trained Team

Our CEEs are well-equipped to provide automotive-specific assistance to your customers including vehicle details, inventory info, and even service bookings.

Teamwork Boosts Quality

The ActivEngage platform’s sophisticated queue system directs chats to the appropriate agents and can even be reassigned to a previous agent, if they are available.
ActivEngage agent messaging consumer about a trade-in

Real conversations with real people

No bots were a no-brainer for us. Don't get us wrong, AI and bots have their place, but just not at the start of a conversation with your dealership. Selling cars is a people business. Our omnichannel messaging services employ real live people who bring a touch of empathy, knowledge and personalization to each and every conversation.
ActivEngage agent messaging consumer about a trade-in

Our Technology

Scalable. Flexible. Intuitive. Reliable.

Everything a dealership chat software should be.
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People Focused UI

With a user-friendly interface, you can spend more time creating an exceptional customer experience for your dealership, resulting in higher satisfaction.

Built for Stability

With a 99.97% up time, the ActivEngage platform is one of the most robust and reliable automotive live messaging solutions available on the market.

Relationship Building Tools

With custom-built messaging tools, your dealership can create a more engaged customer base, leading to increased sales and greater customer loyalty.

Messaging Innovation

With our ability to understand car dealership needs, anticipate market trends and forge strategic partnerships, ActivEngage is uniquely positioned to innovate messaging technology and advance the conversational flow between automotive dealers and consumers.

Built For the Future

ActivEngage technology stands out for its easy integrations and industry-leading stability. We look to innovate emerging technologies to enable the next generation of tech-savvy car buying and enhance conversations with tools and information to encourage more deal completion online.

Made For Automotive

For years, we've been designing innovative relationship-building technologies with people kept in mind. So, no matter the type of operation -- OEMs, automotive dealerships or inventory aggregators -- we offer managed and self-service digital messaging to fit your needs.

“ActivEngage is the best chat service we have used at our dealership.”

Thomas Pierce

Diver Chevrolet

“ActivEngage is the best chat service we have used at our dealership.”

Thomas Pierce

Diver Chevrolet

Our Partners

Leverage our strategic partnerships to enhance your dealership processes and customer journey

With more connections than any other automotive chat provider, we empower our customers to benefit from deep third-party platform integrations, including digital retailing and profit center solutions, co-ops and certified OEM programs, and automotive retailers.
ActivEngage agent messaging consumer about a trade-in

The Premier Chat Provider for Dealerships Like You Since 2007

ActivEngage is unique in its commitment to fostering partnerships and collaborations. We actively seek out strategic alliances with industry leaders, enabling customers to tap into a diverse network, enhance the car buying process and succeed in today's digital landscape.

Leverage our partner integrations to enhance these areas:

  • Website Engagement
  • Digital Retailing
  • CRM & Lead Attribution
  • Service Center Bookings
  • Social Media Presence
  • Google Business Profile
  • Google Ads
  • Inventory Listing Sites

Let's Build Future Relationships Together