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Achieving success with your digital storefront doesn’t have to be a mystery

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So you have all of this great data from your website and online channels but you’re not seeing much movement in sales. What gives? In this exclusive Ebook from ActivEngage, we look at the modern-day expectations of the online shopper and identify the biggest pain points that hinder their experience - and your sales.

The online landscape can be a tough place to stand out and grow your business effectively. Both online consumer behavior and the technology they use are evolving at a rapid pace. Stay ahead of the curve by using simple and practical concepts in this Ebook that you can start implementing right now.
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Consumer Behavior Insights
Tech is ever-changing, younger generations have buying power, culture is influencing commerce, and the automotive industry is transforming. Consumer behavior data is more important than ever!
User Experience Checklist
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the different components that go into making a good user experience online. We’ve compiled the most effective elements in an easy-to-digest checklist.
Practical Action Items
The most effective way to grow is to consistently take small steps towards a goal. This Ebook outlines small and practical steps you can take today to improve your dealership’s online experience.
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Online consumer engagement, declassified for you

ActivEngage has been interacting online with automotive consumers for over 16 years. At such a large scale, we’ve seen it all and have evolved engagement strategies to move shoppers further down-funnel than ever before. In this Ebook, we declassify the fundamentals of online engagement and pair it with practical action items to help your dealership thrive in today’s online-first market.

Unlock powerful and proven methods to improve your digital storefront today!

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