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How To Conquer Car Buyers With Facebook Inventory Ads

The car dealer's Strategy Guide to targeting and converting in-market auto shoppers on the world's largest platform.

Learn How to Sell More Cars Using Facebook Inventory Ads

Don't miss out on the opportunities Facebook Inventory Ads provide you. People spend an average of 46 minutes a day on Facebook and they check their News Feeds about 15-25 times per day. Capitalize on in-market car shoppers using Facebook and send more quality traffic to your VDP pages.

In this eBook, You'll Find:

  • Why Facebook is a game-changer for car dealers
  • How Facebook Inventory Ads work and how they target more in-market customers
  • Helpful checklist to make sure your ads are the best they can be

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring 30 million in-market car buyers. Learn how to properly use Facebook Inventory Ads to sell more cars today!