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Turn your dealership’s social media into more visibility, engagement, and sales with ActivEngage, your one-stop shop for Facebook optimization.
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Increase shopper engagement, awareness, and satisfaction by connecting with shoppers on Facebook via ActivEngage’s Messenger integration. Be always-on and build stronger relationships with your Facebook audience on your business page, Facebook Ads, and more!

Powered by Trained Professionals

Our Customer Engagement Experts are available 24/7 to answer questions, motivate buyers, and convert shoppers into sales opportunities.

Built for Longer Conversations

Unlike chats, Facebook Messages can span for hours! Our Queues tool lets you pick conversations up right where you left them.

Designed for Quality Engagement

With tools like  PreRead™ and lead form autofill, our Messages are more engaging for your buyers and more efficient for your team!


Approved Listings & Messaging

ActivEngage can list your vehicles and help your car dealership use Marketplace to capture leads, communicate with customers, and drive sales. By partnering with ActivEngage, you can free up your team to handle in-store shoppers and operate more efficiently.

More Exposure, Less Maintenance

  1. Work with your ActivEngage Rep to connect your inventory feed to your Facebook account.

  2. Enable permissions for ActivEngage to access the inventory feed and Facebook page.

  3. Your inventory automatically optimizes and updates, generating more visibility and engagement for your store!


Let Your Inventory Shine

Using your live inventory feed, our ad technology creates inventory ads and targets local in-market shoppers who visited your site. Our ads even retarget engaged prospects with similar models and drive those leads directly into your CRM!

Leverage a Turnkey Solution

ActivEngage maximizes engagement with your dealership’s inventory by generating Collection, Carousel, and Retargeting ads on Facebook based on the preferences and viewing history of your car buyers.
  • Conquest in-market shoppers
  • Retarget shoppers with custom ads
  • Drive target audience back to your site

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