ActivEngage + Orbee Conversation at NADA 2024

ActivEngage + Orbee Integration Podcast at NADA 2024

Written By Ted Rubin

Atul Patel: Hey everybody, Atul Patel here at Orbee’s Booth at NADA 2024, and I’ve got Ted Rubin here from ActivEngage, which we’re announcing a relationship and integration. And, uh, I’m excited to have you here. And we’re going to kind of talk about what you guys do and how we’re going to work together. And I’m especially excited about …


Live Replay of ActivEngage x CBT News @ NADA 2024

Written By Ted Rubin

  Jim Fitzpatrick: Hey everyone, Jim Fitzpatrick at the 2024 NADA convention and I am joined by Ted Rubin, the founder and CEO of Active Engage, a company that is really making great things happen for dealers. So Ted, thank you so much for stopping by the stage. Ted Rubin: We appreciate you having me here. Sure, sure. It’s great …

Ted Rubin and Jim Fitzpatrick of CBT News

The Key to Providing First-in-Class Digital Experiences

Written By Ted Rubin

Jim Fitzpatrick: For most dealerships, chat volume is higher than pre-COVID levels, indicating a growing consumer preference for digital communication and online car shopping. Yet, all too often, automotive retailers miss out on crucial leads due to subpar communication. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome back Ted Rubin, who’s the founder and CEO of Active Engage, to discuss how dealers …

young digital native shopping on a personal laptop

How to Engage with Digital Natives

Written By Carol Marshall

(Article first appeared on AutoSuccess Online’s November 2023 Edition) Digital natives were born into a world filled with rapidly advancing technology, and as a result, they are unlike any consumer group that came before them. Understanding who digital natives are, how they think, and how to effectively engage with them is critical for dealers looking to thrive in a modern …

Woman signing a contract on phone

From Chat to Checkout: Optimizing the Digital Retail Funnel

Written By Carol Marshall

Original Source: Digital Dealer | From Chat to Checkout: Optimizing the Digital Retail FunnelBy Carol Marshall, COO, ActivEngage, Inc.In the ever-evolving automotive landscape, auto dealerships are embracing the potential of online digital retail tools to enhance the car buying journey. Cox Automotive’s 2022 Car Buyer Journey Study reveals that an impressive 81% of car shoppers acknowledge the significant impact of …

Ted Rubin CEO at AI Panel

AI and Machine Learning Discussion Panel

Written By Ted Rubin

Simon Baker: So come up and join me here. We’re going to have a real deep conversation, I hope,  around how sort of AI machine learning can be sort of really practically applied.  But let’s first things first,  introductions.  So Roman,  introduce yourself. Roman Sidorchuk:  Thank you very much for the invite.  Really looking forward to this conversation.  I am …

Ted Rubin x Jim Fitzpatrick CBT News

AI Chatbots and Digital Retailing: How Do Customers Want to Communicate?

Written By Ted Rubin

Jim Fitzpatrick: As the industry moves further into a digital future, you need to be mindful of your digital experience. Joining us in the studio today is Ted Rubin, the Chief Executive Officer of ActivEngage, a people-powered web-based live chat and communication solutions provider to discuss the latest insights and trends into dealer to consumer conversations. Ted, thank you so …

internet leads for car sales

How to get Internet Leads for Car Sales

Written By Eric Schlesinger

With the rise of technology, the way people shop for cars has changed drastically in recent years. Today’s car buyers are more likely to research and shop online, and they expect to be able to find the information they need quickly and easily. As a result, internet leads have become a crucial part of the car sales process and the …