customers can be ready to buy a car now with the right incentives and customer experience

Are Shoppers in the Market to Buy a Car Now?

Written By Ted Rubin

Do shoppers need a car now? Like, right now? Sure, people WANT cars now; but are they able to buy a car now? Buying a car these days can be quite an investment. Perhaps more so than usual. Especially a new car. According to Kelly Blue Book: “The average new car in America sold for $48,763 in February (2023)…” The …

Dealer Service Retention Strategies for 2023

Written By Carol Marshall

Your service department makes a lot of money for your dealership. In fact, that’s true for most car dealers (with a service department). Due to the continued need for regular maintenance, oil changes, and whatever other vehicle service you can think of, your service bays are a constant source of repeat business for a car dealership and is no small …

Excite Car Buyers With a Virtual Test Drive

Written By Eric Schlesinger

It’s time to drive the thing! With more and more shoppers wanting to complete much of the car buying process online, how do you best build on the emotion of getting a new car? How do you convey the vehicle in a way the digital customer can get a feel for it in action before they come into your showroom? …

Is Chat GPT ready to serve auto dealerships?

Can ChatGPT Really Help Car Dealerships?

Written By AE Staff

Artificial intelligence is always depicted as kind of scary in movies. It learns too much and becomes self-aware. It hates being handled by humans. It rebels. It kills or enslaves us all. Very dramatic! In reality, AI is a little more…boring? Funny? A novelty? I mean, people play chess with it sometimes. Its use in developing self-driving cars is off …

How to Optimize Your Chat Widget for Dealership Websites

Written By Eric Schlesinger

Let’s be honest with ourselves. Sometimes, car dealership websites can be a mess. Between pop-ups, endless special offers graphics, and any other doodads us automotive industry vendors come up with, there is a lot of information your car dealerships online visitors have to process. So, when it comes to implementing a chat widget, wouldn’t it be nice if auto dealers …

Using Omnichannel Messaging for Car Dealers

Written By Ted Rubin

Omnichannel. A super cool word that just means “all channels.” How do your customers communicate with you as a car dealer? They certainly use multiple channels to do so, and the fact that car buyers seem to have different tastes in communicating with dealerships means you should definitely cover your bases, both online and offline. An omnichannel approach in your …

3 Reasons You Need a Car Dealer Chat Platform

Written By Eric Schlesinger

Buying stuff online is fun, and it’s also incredibly easy. Cars are no different. With online purchasing being easier and more convenient than ever, customers have grown accustomed to, enjoy, and expect digital communication service from a business; whether it’s the initial touch point, the follow up while waiting for the product or service, or to address any concerns post-sale. …

Auto Dealer Analytics: GA4 Migration

Written By AE Staff

Since 2005, Google Analytics has been the most popular and effective web analytics tool that helps businesses analyze and track their digital marketing campaigns – car dealers included. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely spent countless hours using Google Analytics to track your car dealership’s website traffic (or websites, if you’re a dealership group), your online car shopper’s consumer behavior, …

LivePerson Suspends Car Dealer Chat. We Can Help.

LivePerson Car Dealer Chat Has Been Suspended. We Can Help.

Written By Eric Schlesinger

As you may (or may not!) have heard, LivePerson Automotive is closing the hood on its direct-to-dealer automotive messaging platform on October 31, 2022. [EDIT: this date has changed, and LivePerson’s automotive messaging platform is now out of service as of 11/29/2022.] Being among the first live chat services for dealerships, we enjoyed a healthy competition with LivePerson that helped fuel …