Is Your Automotive Live Chat Provider…Providing?

Is Your Automotive Live Chat Provider Actually Providing?

Based on the conversations we’ve seen over the past year and a half, it's clear that people are craving connection. So much so that shoppers seek digital touchpoints, like live chat, to get their needs met. In conjunction with this trend comes the sudden boom in online car buying, which is no longer just a perk but a requirement for future dealership success.

Live chat has been used as a basic method of contact for internet-age companies for some time. However, the growing digital nature of the economy has made live chat the preferred option for consumer-to-brand communication and relationship-fostering. 

According to this study from Kayako: 41% of consumers prefer live chat support, 32% prefer phone support, 23% prefer email support, and 3% prefer getting support via social media. The new surge and reliance on digital communication and ecommerce tools also come with increased customer standards.  

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Your Provider’s Approach Matters

With all that said, the quality of your managed messaging service matters. A lot. The days of utilizing automotive live chat for contact grabs and message-taking services are long gone. (Well, at least they should be.)

Not only is a vendor’s approach important, but how the provider assists you in maximizing the potential of their product matters. So, what makes a good automotive live chat provider? The answer to that question has so many parts it’s almost Rubik’s Cube levels of complexity.

So, we’ll condense the importance of a great managed messaging provider/platform for your dealership down to the essential points. 


3 Essential Elements of an Excellent Managed Messaging Experience

1. People

We can’t stress enough how important it is to utilize real, human staff over an if-this-then-this, bot-style approach. According to that same Kayako study referenced before, 29% of customers are frustrated by scripted, impersonal responses in live chat. 

Buying a vehicle is the second biggest purchase a person will likely make besides a home. And, a vehicle purchase is much deeper than one might think. This is an extension of the person’s lifestyle, experiences, and needs. A successful vehicle purchase transaction calls for relatability and empathy.

ActivEngage recruits customer service professionals who understand the human experience and are continually trained on the most up-to-date vehicle information and best live chat practices. Our people are what makes our managed messaging platform and software the gold standard for automotive live chat.

2. Flexibility

As you know, car dealerships aren’t just about vehicle sales. (Especially when they’re in short supply.) Now is the time for your Fixed Ops departments and exceptional customer support to shine. If your current provider cannot tackle every type of conversation, you’re not getting your money’s worth.

ActivEngage’s enhanced service scheduling provides convenient concierge appointment setting to your customers, which increases show rates and profits for your dealership! In addition to sales and service conversations, ActivEngage Customer Engagement Experts are trained to handle any type of inquiry with grace.

It’s also essential to use an omnichannel, interconnected messaging service that doesn’t require customers to rekey their questions which only leads to frustration.

3. Support

What happens behind and beneath your messaging service is important as well. A human live chat service not only deserves but requires an expert human support team. Your dealership operations have to be adaptable to any circumstance or situation, and your vendors should be, too.

Highly accessible, knowledgeable client support is necessary to continue to optimize your return on the service. ActivEngage has a highly experienced, dedicated support team to ensure you are getting the most out of your managed messaging experience. 

ActivEngage is the Automotive Live Chat Gold Standard

These elements are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to bolstering the front lines of your digital dealership. While these alone can help enhance and upgrade your customer experience, ActivEngage also offers a diverse suite of digital tools to keep you a cut above the rest: 

Having a live managed messaging service for your dealership as a simple interception tool leaves money on the table. Ready to give your ROI, customer experience, and customer loyalty and retention a boost? Let’s have a chat! 


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