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Automotive Digital Marketing: Live Chat Helps During Slowing Car Sales

How to Make the Most of Automotive Live Chat in a Slowing Economy [PODCAST]

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into optimizing your car dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Then, you’re told you have to make budget cuts because consumers aren’t buying cars like they were in 2016. What should you do?

Well, maybe it’s easier to start with what you shouldn’t do.

Todd Smith on Live Chat During Slowing Car Sales

ActivEngage CEO, Todd Smith sheds a light on a practice that could be detrimental to your business in this slowing economy: removing automotive live chat from your digital marketing strategy.

In a recent AutoSuccess podcast with Dave Davis, he answered the following questions:

  • What are the implications of removing live chat from your digital marketing strategy when dealership budgets shrink?
  • What are some live chat best practices representatives should apply to make the most of the experience for the customer?
  • What are some common mistakes chat teams often make when engaging customers?
  • How can new technology that allows live chat to happen outside the dealership websites change the shopping process? How can dealers adapt to these new mediums?
  • What are some questions dealers should ask themselves when developing a live chat follow-up process?
  • Aside from providing general information, how do chat transcripts help sales processes and impact the dealership’s bottom line?

So, before you make a rash decision to ‘turn off’ chat, check out this insightful, 20-minute podcast on why live chat can actually help your dealership thrive in a sales downturn and what you can do today to ensure live chat success:



Even More Automotive Digital Marketing Tips

If you’re looking for helpful live chat and digital marketing resources, check out our FREE eBook Library. You’ll find tips on proper lead follow-up, fixed ops digital marketing, and much more.

Looking for more automotive digital marketing tips to increase car sales and service revenue? If so, then don’t miss Todd Smith’s AutoNews webinar with the Used Car King, Todd Caputo. Learn how to move more units this summer by leveraging the latest digital tools and implementing effective lead follow-up strategies!

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Beat the Summer Slump: How to Drive More Customers to Your Service Bays

We are well into Q3 of 2017, and car sales continue to cool off despite the summer heat. As vehicle sales flatten, optimizing the service drive will play a critical part in maximizing dealership revenue.

The service department brings in a large sum of money to your dealership, often accounting for a majority of the profit.  Yet, it’s very likely that your service department’s manpower and resources are already stretched to the limit, capping the number of service leads and appointments your dealership is able to generate.  To preserve dealership revenue in 2017, digital technology will drive your service department’s success — with live chat taking the lead.

The Service Department Goes Digital

Fortunately, refocusing your digital strategy to include the Service Department isn’t difficult. You can both boost staff performance and generate significantly more money using tools you probably already use for Sales. In fact, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, video, live chat, and online content are all digital goldmines for fixed operations!

(For essential digital marketing tips geared towards dealership parts and service departments, check out our free eBook, The Repair Order for Your Dealership’s Fixed Ops Strategy.)

The end goal is to drive more online traffic to your service bays this summer. And no other digital tool engages and converts your service customers like live chat. With the ActivEngage managed chat solution, your dealership’s service department can effortlessly:

  • Increase repair order revenue by engaging customers across multiple devices
  • Maximize the productivity of your service staff by freeing them up to focus on repairs
  • Reduce phone wait time for customers by providing a convenient alternative online
  • Improve the service lane experience and get higher satisfaction scores
  • Receive enhanced customer and repair information straight into your DMS

But we don’t just generate high quality leads for your service department. We actually drive online service shoppers to your service bays by setting service appointments!

ActivEngage Fills More Service Bays

While you may think having an online service scheduling feature is enough to maximize service profits, ActivEngage CEO, Todd Smith, has valuable data that proves live chat is the key:

Turn up the heat in your service department this summer, using ActivEngage’s in-chat service scheduling.  With our managed service scheduling feature, you could increase your service appointment show rate by a whopping 15% and make more money on repair orders. Currently, there are ActivEngage customers using our service scheduling feature that average an extra $60 per RO!

When it comes to live chat, you’ll want to trust a chat vendor who can walk the walk and talk the talk; make sure you choose a live chat solution that generates results and enhances the shopping’ experience for your customers. We take ALL of your shoppers seriously and aim to build lasting relationships on your behalf. The ActivEngage philosophy is rooted in customer experience, and we take a holistic view of all aspects of your dealership operations, including your service department.

Don’t settle for less when you can have it all. After all, your customers won’t.