Want More Quality Leads? Start Talking About Finance in Chat

Written By AE Staff

“Stop wasting so much time on leads that won’t close!” Sound familiar? If you’ve ever screamed internally when you watch your BDC repeatedly follow up with crappy leads, it’s because you know that the quality of your leads determines the quality of your showroom traffic—and if this month’s sales quota will be met. With today’s shoppers visiting less than 2 …

Automotive Digital Marketing: Live Chat Helps During Slowing Car Sales

How to Make the Most of Automotive Live Chat in a Slowing Economy [PODCAST]

Written By Ted Rubin

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into optimizing your car dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Then, you’re told you have to make budget cuts because consumers aren’t buying cars like they were in 2016. What should you do? Well, maybe it’s easier to start with what you shouldn’t do. ActivEngage CEO on Live Chat During Slowing Car Sales …