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ActivEngage Wins 2017 Automotive Website Award!

We’re proud to announce that ActivEngage has won a 2017 Automotive Website Award in the Website Merchandising category. This year’s Automotive Website Awards took place during NADA, one of the largest automotive events of the year, January 28th.

The way consumers use technology to shop for cars is constantly evolving. As a result, the tools car dealers need to connect with and convert shoppers online are always changing. For that reason, PCG Companies hosts the annual Automotive Website Awards, which provide an in-depth review of automotive products and services.

Innovative Live Chat Services and Software

We were excited to be part of the Automotive Website Award review process and share our latest developments.

For over 10 years, ActivEngage has provided the most trusted automotive managed chat service and innovative software to automotive businesses around the world. During that time, we’ve continuously transformed the way our in-house chat team drives car sales by data mining millions of chat conversations. We’ve also enhanced our proprietary software and added new capabilities like SMS texting to meet the demands of modern shoppers.

Today, our expert team of Live Chat Specialists can have robust conversations with online shoppers via live chat, SMS, and even social media platforms. Our team’s ability to engage and convert shoppers across channels is proven to help dealers close sales faster and more effectively.

ActivEngage Relationships Breed Award-Winning Services

We are dedicated to enhancing communication across digital channels. That drive has allowed us to form various game-changing partnerships in the tech community. Last year, we joined forces with the likes of Facebook and Google to help dealers drive more social and mobile shoppers to the dealership. Through these partnerships, we pioneered revolutionary integrations, such as our Facebook Ad Messenger and Google Click-to-Message features.

We were able to pilot some of these features with another one of our partners, AutoNation, America’s largest automotive retailer.

“Since ActivEngage gained our account the conversion rates have almost doubled, and the response rates have been reduced by 3-5 seconds,” commented Famous Rhodes, VP of Digital Marketing & Consumer Experience at AutoNation.  He added, “Our ability to respond and serve a broader set of consumers has led to a lot of gains seen in 2016 in the digital channels.”

In an almost “everything comes full circle” way, our automotive relationships have helped us transform the way we are building and maintaining relationships with customers on behalf of car dealers.

The Pursuit of Innovation in 2017

Winning the 2017 Automotive Website Award reinforces our belief that human interaction is still one of the most important aspects of the car-buying process. Technology is the vessel that helps us bridge the gap between the online showroom and the brick-and-mortar dealership.

We are thrilled to be considered and recognized as a fellow pioneer among other forward-thinking vendors in the car business. 2016 was a particularly big year for innovation at ActivEngage, and 2017 is positioning itself to be even better.

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new activengage chat features

4 Ways ActivEngage is Taking Live Chat to New Heights in 2017

Happy New Year! For many months, we’ve been hard at work, looking for ways to transform digital communications between businesses and the customers they serve. And we’re proud to finally let the cat out of the bag and announce a series of new ActivEngage chat features that will help dealerships enhance and deepen conversations with consumers.

New Year, New ActivEngage Chat Features


Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Integration

Over 100 million people use Facebook in the US. And while you probably already have a Facebook business page, maybe even have some Facebook ads running, are you TRULY engaging your social audience? You finally can.

Thanks to our newest ActivEngage integration, connecting with car buyers in real-time via Facebook is easier than ever. With our new Facebook Messaging feature, you’ll be able to:

  • Increase your engagement opportunities by turning static ads into conversations
  • Leverage your social media footprint to set more appointments
  • Reach in-market audiences using Facebook’s targeting intelligence
  • Improve the effectiveness of your ads by learning which messages are winning with shoppers

Google Click-To-Message

SMS Google AdWords Integration

Do you currently invest in Google AdWords? If so, we have excellent news: one of our newest features allows serious shoppers that click on your pay-per-click ad to message your dealership in real-time via SMS! That means you can:

  • Launch ActivEngage SMS texting directly from Google search result pages
  • Leverage texting as another method of contact with today’s always-on shoppers
  • Engage more mobile shoppers with click-to-text technology
  • Convert text messages into appointments for your dealership
  • Get more out of your investment in Google AdWords campaigns

In-Chat Service Scheduling

Service Scheduling in chat

We are also proud to announce the roll-out of our new in-chat service scheduling feature! This new service offering will allow us to support your fixed operations performance and help your service advisors focus on in-drive customers and repair order value. Thanks to this new feature your dealership has the ability to:

  • Leverage an outside team to fill your service lanes
  • Rely on seasoned experts trained to build tickets and schedule future appointments
  • Streamline appointment logistics in real-time from your DMS
  • Reduce phone wait time for all service customers
  • Create a better customer experience and increase satisfaction scores
  • Maximize the productivity of your service team by letting them focus on what they do best!

ActivAlerts for Managers

ActivEngage manager tools

On average, 26% of ActivEngage chat and text appointments result in a sale — and we aim to increase that number and your bottom line in 2017 with ActivAlerts.

ActivAlerts is a free new feature included in the ActivEngage managed chat service that provides your management team with the details of each appointment made at your dealership. With ActivAlerts, your team can:

  • Immediately receive essential customer details for each appointment
  • Fill your showroom and get appointments delivered to your sales team
  • Know the needs of customers before they walk into your showroom
  • Create a higher quality customer experience

Take lead generation to the next level!

Want to learn more about our newest ActivEngage chat features and how you can leverage them to ramp up your sales opportunities in 2017? Send us a text or chat with us now!