New Social Advantage Ad Options!

NEW! Social Advantage 2.0: Better Facebook Ads for Car Dealerships

Written By AE Staff

ActivEngage has become a digital engagement leader by helping auto dealers connect with their customers through multi-channel messaging options. We stay committed to helping our clients make the most of their time and resources, so we're always working in the background to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

From managed messaging to integrated add-ons, upsells, and other features, ActivEngage never stops expanding the options we provide. Now we’re introducing our new-and-improved Social Advantage 2.0!


Get the Social Advantage you Need to Drive More Sales

Social Advantage is our fully-managed, Facebook-integrated ads service for automotive dealerships just like yours. Meet your future customers where they're already used to shopping, and you can drive your monthly sales numbers higher.

We know you're busy, and managing another ad platform won't fit easily into your schedule. Hiring a marketing manager for this could be hit-or-miss because significant background knowledge is necessary to run effective targeted ads. So what should you do? Let ActivEngage handle all your Facebook marketing needs for you!


There Are No One-Size-Fits-All Ads

The automotive industry has unique complexities that cookie-cutter solutions simply won't address. That's why we are offering an entire range of targeted ad options to give you the best results. Our team handles it all--from creating the design, writing the copy, implementing a campaign strategy, AND audience targeting. We keep up-to-date with Facebook ad best practices and stay abreast of emerging technology to bring you the best and most optimized results.

We utilize several ad types on your behalf to keep sales high, and make sure that inventory turnover reaches optimal levels.


Automotive Inventory Ads

We know that you need the right balance of inventory to serve your customers and satisfy your franchise owner. Sometimes you need to clear old stock to make room for next year's models, or maybe you need more used cars, pronto, to fill growing consumer demand. Do you have the time to revamp your ad tactics with every strategy shift or inventory update? Of course not! That's our job.

Our fully-managed Facebook Ads service, Social Advantage, turns your inventory list into dynamic, targeted, and compelling ads that appear in a shopper's News Feed. Want to send interested buyers straight to your on-Facebook Vehicle Details Pages (VDP) for a closer look? We can do that! We also base our targeting on other forms of market data, such as shopper behavior, location, and credit score.

We run ads that stem from your entire inventory, as well as targeted ones that cover either used or new vehicles. Whatever your customers are looking for, we'll make sure they find it and end up on your website. By serving relevant ads to the right interested buyers, you will spend less on advertising, and have more time for closing sales.


Service Ads

Most dealerships don't tap their service departments to their full potential. Keep prior customers returning by letting them know what maintenance and repair services your dealership location offers. Even if they didn't buy the vehicle from your dealership, you should still form a good relationship with these customers. That rapport could lead to them using your dealership for their next auto purchase.


Buyback Ads

Do you need more pre-owned inventory ASAP? Let us help! We'll run targeted ads to reach vehicle owners with the make and model you want, convincing them to consider a trade-in or sales deal. Using in-depth market data, we reach out to vehicle owners who might be interested in switching vehicles, even if they weren't already planning to.


OEM-Specific Ads

As a dealership authorized to sell and service-specific automobile brands, you can reach shoppers looking for OEM parts and repairs. Take advantage of your licensing deal and follow your company specs to the letter while also making the most of your fixed-ops department. You can order parts straight from the automobile manufacturer, so why don't more people know about that? By helping owners who didn't buy from you resolve their current vehicle concerns, you're forming a relationship that might blossom the next time they're in the vehicle market.


Social Advantage Does it All!

We're excited to offer even more options in our Social Advantage service. Never stress about running the right kind of Facebook ads again! See exactly which sales results came from Facebook and which ones came from other channels with the ability to attribute all sales to their ad source.

Don't let a full schedule keep you from reaching your true social media potential. Get Social Advantage today, and let ActivEngage do the rest!


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