Why Your Dealership’s Live Chat Team Needs Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to absorb emotional cues and use it to guide behavior. It’s essentially the combination of personal and social competence, and it affects how well we interact with others. The most important thing your dealership needs to know about emotional intelligence is that your live chat […]

3 Automotive Infographics You Need to See

In the Age of Information Overload, infographics are here to help us “boil it all down”. Their visual appeal comes from their precision in organizing data and can be a great way to get information quickly without having to read a bunch of text to get to the point. Below, […]

What’s Your Chat Follow-Up Process?

Live chat success does not happen on its own. Success happens when live chat is flawlessly incorporated into your dealership’s daily processes. And one of those daily processes is lead follow-up. As soon as a chat lead hits your CRM, you need to have a team promptly following up with […]

Use Covert Operations on Your Dealership’s Website to Increase Conversion

Agent, you’ve been recruited on a mission to activate your dealership’s website and convert more browsers into buyers. There are three immediate tasks you must complete in order to do so. There’s no time to waste. 1. The Bait When your dealership’s website opens on a browser, what is the […]

How to Evaluate Your Live Chat Provider

You signed up with a live chat provider because you believed it would be beneficial to your dealership’s business. So how often do you check to ensure they are delivering the results you were told to expect from the beginning? We recommend that you evaluate your live chat provider or […]