Why Car Dealers Love ActivEngage

Why Car Dealers Love ActivEngage

Written By Carol Marshall

We know what you’re thinking. 

“That title is a little on the nose.” 

Maybe you aren’t thinking that. But if you are: 

You might be right!

This is less of a blog and more of a “tooting our own horn” opportunity. Well, less tooting our own horn and more showing some of our great dealership partners tooting our horn. (On that note, I think that’s quite enough of that metaphor.) 

We can talk endlessly about how stable and reliable our technology and software is. How our people-powered messaging philosophy distinguishes us from other automotive chat providers that use bots and other impersonal functions. How we have the coolest logo and the prettiest brand color. Been there, done that. 

But all of that means nothing without the excellent value we’re providing for our auto dealership partners. The proof is in the pudding, and we’re here to show you proof of that pudding! 

Auto Dealerships Love a Variety of Services and Support

According to a recent polling sample conducted by our Customer Care Team, sentiment shows  that our car dealer partners don’t just love one particular service we provide; many enjoy the breadth, depth, and range of the services. 

Also, the services and their functions aren’t the only important thing; any good service or product worth its salt also has solid and reliable support. One shouldn’t sign up with a company and then be left without a paddle on how best to use those services and products: and that’s exactly what our Customer Care Team is there for! 

3 Things Auto Dealerships Love About ActivEngage

Okay: Let’s get specific! 

Based on sentiment polling from a variety of our car dealer partners, let’s take a look at what they enjoy most about ActivEngage’s services and qualities: 

1. Our Automotive Live Chat Software

While we have managed and co-managed messaging services, the heart of ActivEngage is that of an automotive software & technology company (our amazing, real people who partake in Messaging are just the super sweet cherry on top). 

Our leadership has a collective century of experience in automotive retail, and got with the brightest coders and software architects to craft a truly tailor-made console for dealerships to best tackle the digital and ecommerce era. 

The fine folks at DN Motors love how intuitive our console is, and how easy it is to add verified users from their team to the system. 

Janssen Motors loves our pre-read feature, which allows a very time-effective approach to responding to customer questions. 

And, Sommer’s Subaru loves how easy it is to sign up and get started using our console shortly after we turn it on. 

It’s safe to say that our software is the bedrock of our services! (and it IS solid!) 

2. Our Integrations

One of the best things about our software is how agnostic and adaptable it is. Our code is built super clean and ready to fit into a variety of website foundations, automotive digital retailing tools, and service scheduling systems. 

We’re the exclusive chat provider for Cox Automotive (where we integrate with Accelerate My Deal), and also integrate with most major automotive digital retailing tools, including CDK’s Roadster Express, GMC’s Shop, Click, Drive, and Darwin Automotive’s Shop with EASE. We also work with Dealer.com, DealerInspire, and Sincro; but since we’re so adaptive, our code could fit wherever, really! 

We also integrate with major service scheduling platforms like XTime, TimeHighway, and Dealer Socket, making it super easy for our Team to schedule service appointments using your dealership’s very own service schedule. We see what you see! 

Bill Wright Toyota and Dream City Auto Sales love the hands-off nature of our Team utilizing service scheduling integration, that allows their service techs and staff to focus on their in-store customer experience. 

And, Tom Valask with Anderson Autos is looking forward to the power of RetailSync, our newest product that lets a messaging agent see every step your customer has taken in the online automotive financing process to guide them best (it can be a complex and emotional process sometimes!) 

3. Our Support

As mentioned earlier, a vendor is only as good as the support it provides after the sale is done. We’re fully committed to staying by our dealer partner’s side as long as we are privileged enough to be their partner! Making sure the product is being used to it’s optimal state, and getting feedback from our partners are so critical to continuing to deliver success. 

We care about our customers. Which is why we have a dedicated Customer Care Team on deck to ensure a good time is had by all when it comes to utilizing ActivEngage’s products and services. 

Brittany Bramlett from Kingdom Kia “loves having a personal Customer Care Manager, available to readily assist quickly.” 

Our Customer Care Team is also responsible for noting preferences when it comes to our graphics presence on your dealership’s website. Dan Smith of Gengras Motor Cars loves that we don’t take over the whole website like [COMPETITOR NAME REDACTED]. It’s all about what our dealer partners want! 

There’s a Lot to Love About ActivEngage

Whether you’re looking for rock solid dealership communication software to help your team assist online customers, or if you want to have your own remote BDC at the fraction of the cost of staffing one in-house, ActivEngage has you covered! 

In addition to those services, we also have a bunch of other, equally lovable products that will help your customer engagement soar, such as: 

  • MyDrive, video test drives & overviews to excite car buyers.
  • ActivTarget, tailored and behavioral offers for your website.
  • RetailSync, full-view, human guidance for your online financing process (worth another mention!).


Ready to discover how ActivEngage helps your dealership succeed?