An Exclusive NADA 2017 Recap with Todd Smith


Last weekend, the National Automotive Dealers Association held its centennial celebration, the NADA100 Conference and Expo in New Orleans. There were great organizations and speakers present at the event, eager to share automotive knowledge and mingle. The excitement was palpable! For those of you who missed one of the biggest automotive events […]

ActivEngage Wins 2017 Automotive Website Award!


We’re proud to announce that ActivEngage has won a 2017 Automotive Website Award in the Website Merchandising category. This year’s Automotive Website Awards took place during NADA, one of the largest automotive events of the year, January 28th. The way consumers use technology to shop for cars is constantly evolving. […]

4 Ways ActivEngage is Taking Live Chat to New Heights in 2017

new activengage chat features

Happy New Year! For many months, we’ve been hard at work, looking for ways to transform digital communications between businesses and the customers they serve. And we’re proud to finally let the cat out of the bag and announce a series of new ActivEngage chat services and features that will […]

ActivEngage Selected as Mazda Canada Partner for Live Chat

OEM Leverages Chat to Create Instant Connections with Online Shoppers Orlando, FL. December 2016—ActivEngage, Inc., the most trusted brand in automotive live chat, announced today that it is now the exclusive provider of live chat services for Mazda Canada Inc. Today’s car shoppers expect the highest level of service and […]

What Car Buyers Want: Digital Channels for Today’s Automotive Shoppers

The role of the car salesperson is changing. While back in the day, shoppers would learn about car models at the dealership’s physical showroom, thanks to the Internet, they now often arrive at your lot fully equipped with a competitive overview of the vehicle they want. The way people buy […]

3 Ways to Jumpstart Text Conversations with Your Dealership

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve noticed that just about everyone has a smartphone in their hand nowadays. In fact, over 2.8 billion people use the Internet from their smartphones. But even with the promise of a miniature computer in our pockets 24/7, it’s […]

Accountability: A Manager’s Way to Success

Accountability in the workplace is the paramount method to success. In order to justify your decisions as an owner or manager of a dealership, you have to be able to show the reasons why you are doing something, and so do all of your employees. If there is an action […]

“Video Chat” is Not Chat

I don’t often like to get into arguments about semantics, but I think this one cannot be ignored. There’s a term out there that chat providers are using, and they are using it incorrectly. What’s the term they are using? It’s “Video Chat”. “Video Chat” is improperly named. It’s not […]