Supporting Car Dealerships During COVID-19

During this uncertain time, all of us at ActivEngage want to assure you that we are here for you and the customers you serve. It has never been more vital to connect with consumers online and provide them with the shopping experience to make confident decisions. Here’s how we can help.

ActivEngage Updates

A heartfelt thank you video to our entire team


Revolve retailing interface with penny-perfect offer

The first, Signature-Ready guided retailing solution.

Would you allow one of your dealership shoppers to peer into the windows of a vehicle on your lot and not offer assistance? ...Of course not! Don’t let that happen in your digital showroom either. As times change, more and more consumers are relying on the power of online retailing. Revolve™ offers the complete package when it comes to selling cars online.
Guide By Side™ Live, Human Assistance
Penny-Perfect Pricing
Streamlined Customer Experience
Built for Flexibility

Managed Messaging

Hire top industry conversion experts and keep your digital dealership staffed 24/7. Only ActivEngage’s automotive-specific team is trained with the highest industry standards and produces unmatched results for your dealership.

* Average Performance Metrics Shown
Revolve retailing interface with penny-perfect offer



ActivSEO Deferred Payment for 30 Days

Effective SEO is more important than ever. With shelter-in-place orders sweeping the nation, your digital showroom and service centers need to reach as many in-market shoppers as possible. Get ActivSEO today, and start optimizing your organic traffic today with no payments for 30 days.
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COVID-19 Special Messaging and Graphics

Don’t keep your shoppers in the dark; keep them informed. Reach out to us if you have hours of operation updates, specific announcements, or online offers that you want us to convey to your customers. Our Customer Support team is here to assist you and your customers during quarantine and beyond.
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We also have OEM Certified offers and Co-Op Programs available. For more information, please contact us.



Need assistance from the ActivEngage team?

Like your business, ActivEngage runs on building relationships through human connections and offering real value. That’s why, your dealership is in good hands. As a partner, you have access to our Client Experience and Support Teams, who’s sole focus is your success.

The Customer Support Team is available,
Monday through Friday, 9 am - 6 pm ET.