ActivEngage news update

A COVID-19 Operations Update From Our Chairman

Written By Ted Rubin

These are unprecedented times.  We all wake each day and hope for a new status or even a new reality.  There is so much that has changed, and we long for the day that things start to change back to something that we can relate to as “normal”.  Every day is difficult, with immense stress and challenges that none of us would have expected in our lifetimes.  There is the greatest sense of unease.  It feels like living through a soap opera of drama that is unrelatable and would seem overly embellished, if it wasn’t, in fact real.  

And yet, it is often in difficult times, people rise to the challenge of the event, and show unusual and impressive skill and compassion for others.

We have always been a company filled with passionate and empathetic people.  I consider you all to be the hardest working and best people for your jobs. I am proud to say that our teams are made of the most compassionate people, who truly care about both our partners and their customers.  We deliver thoughtful communication every day to everyone.  That includes the dealers’ partners we support, the customers buying, researching or servicing their cars, and with the many technology partners with which we integrate.

We truly appreciate that you, our loyal messaging staff, are actively working from home or other personal locations.  This has been incredibly important for us, as we have seen an increase in the daily number of inbound messages that we have engaged from dealership websites since the concerns of the virus started.  We understand that the difficulties of working from home can be significant. And yet, not only have these communications continued to be of the highest quality but as our Operations Supervisors continually watch, coach and review the conversations, we have found you have brought extraordinary thoughtfulness and generosity to these communications.

The leadership team has also been hard at work doing everything from overseeing data, to training, to managing their teams.  And, it is all happening remotely.  This is a monumental task.  Your commitment to the success of your teams and technology on behalf of our customers is inspiring. 

I am immeasurably proud and thankful for the efforts of our entire team here at ActivEngage.  The idea of offering the truly real and live interactions to help people through processes that have been historically complicated has been the foundation of our company since its inception.  It is a beautiful thing to see when so many share the same vision and work so hard to see it through.  It is my honor to work alongside all of you.  And, it is a potent reminder to me, of how much we have to give to each other in this world. 

My most sincere thanks to all of you!

With great respect,

Ted Rubin

Executive Chairman