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Chat Representatives Are Your Website’s Shepherds

Written By Carol Marshall

Since the beginning of time, there have always been lot of lost sheep on websites. And, until a few years ago, there was no possible solution to help them find their way around your dealership’s digital showroom. Your shoppers were all alone to roam and be lost little sheep. But then dealership website chat was born, and live chat representatives took over the role of shepherd. Today, shepherding is a big part of live chat’s purpose.

Your shoppers want someone to be there for them—not just asking for their contact information—but leading them in the right direction through your Digital Showroom. Because of this and all the reasons mentioned above, your online shoppers need dealership website chat shepherds.

What Shepherding Abilities Should Chat Reps Have?

  1. Chat reps should know your website thoroughly. They should know where to find any kind of information that is readily available to any shopper. This way, if a shopper asks about vehicle specials or specs, they don’t need a lot of time to provide an answer to a question.
  2. Chat reps should be able to direct the shopper to a specific page on your website to move them along in the sales process. For example, ActivEngage’s software has Co-Browse and Push Page features, which allow chat reps to not only see what page the shopper is currently look at, but they can also direct the shopper to the right page they need, such as a Finance Application, Trade-in Form, or Service Scheduler.

They can even direct people looking for a job to the Careers page!

  1. Chat reps should be able to offer suggestions. Not every shoppers knows what kind of car they are looking for or what cars you have that they can afford. Chat reps should be able to listen to the shoppers needs and then look on your website and suggest vehicles to your shopper that they might be interested in.
  2. Chat reps should be able to discuss your specials or events. One great benefit to live chat is the ability to proactively talk about specials that would be relevant to a shopper’s needs based on the information they disclose in a chat conversation. You can provide the shopper with the right message at the right time, and it will influence the sale.

You can also get more traffic to your physical showroom when your chat reps are able to mention details about your upcoming events!

  1. Chat reps should be able to not only lead the way for shoppers on your website, but they should also be able to provide directions to your physical location. Sometimes, all a shopper needs is the right route to get to your store to make the sale happen, and a chat rep can easily provide that information in a chat.
  2. Chat reps should be able to make the shopper feel like they aren’t alone on their journey in the digital world. Online shopping can be so impersonal, and sometimes it’s nice to know someone is there for you, even if you don’t have any questions yet. By having a live chat service on your website, you are providing a message to your shoppers that there is always someone who will be there to help them when they need it - that’s great customer service!

Dealership Website Chat Guides Help You Help Them

Websites are not always easily navigable. That’s why we do our best on this blog to provide dealership website chat tips to make navigation easier for your shoppers. We want to help you help them! And in turn, you get more sales! Because the easier it is to find information, the less frustrated a shopper is, and the faster they can make a decision. --

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