Your team will have access to unique features such as:

1. Web-Based Chat Console

Eliminate the hassle of downloading software to every computer in your dealership.
You can now login to chat via your web browser of choice. 

2. Pre-Read Shopper Responses

Respond faster to questions by being able to pre-read shopper responses before they hit send.

3. Lead Form Auto-Fill

Forget copy and paste. Our system automatically recognizes contact information given by a shopper and completes the lead form for you.

4. Transfer Chats to Different Departments

30% of all chat conversations are related to fixed ops. Seamlessly transfer chats to your service department so they can continue the conversation and set an appointment.


Ensure Your Success with Business Intelligence

  • Dashboard Chat Data   with borderQuickly identify results for your chat team - answered chats vs. missed, # of leads captured by department, chat pick up times, etc.
  • Monitor the conversations your team is having in real-time
  • Real-time site visitor information available - IP address, location, click path, # of visits, etc.
  • 24/7 access to extensive website and chat analytics to hold your team accountable