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Top Ten Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: January 17 - 23

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There’s been lots of excitement this week as NADA kicks off this weekend, Super Bowl Sunday is getting closer, and the U.S. President just gave his State of the Union Address. In case you missed everything going on this week, ActivEngage put together the Top 10 automotive news articles and blogs just for you! Enjoy!

Make Digital Communication a Priority by 2025

IBM Study External Forces Image

In a recent report by IBM, Automotive 2025: Industry without borders, discusses the future of the automotive industry among OEMs, automotive suppliers, and other auto industry participants. The authors Ben Stanley and Kal Gyimesi ask this question,

Top Ten Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: January 10 - 16


Happy Friday, Auto Professionals! As you well know, the Detroit Auto Show kicked this week off with an innovation BANG. So this week’s top 10 news articles and blogs showcase some of new vehicles and technologies to look forward to, and also, Facebook’s latest bait for businesses, dealership phone call fixes, and more!

Is Your Dealership Taking Advantage of Live Chat Data?


In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of using live chat conversations to build rapport with your online shoppers -- and how this can help improve your dealership’s follow-up processes.

Top Ten Blogs and News for Auto Dealers: January 3 - 9

Top 10 blogs, auto industry news

The New Year is here and we’re starting out full speed by keeping you up-to-date weekly with the top automotive news and blogs from around the Internet.

The Competitive Advantage of Internet Leads with Appointments

Dealership Internet Leads with Appointments Blog Image

Leads from online consumers who schedule and keep an appointment close at almost 50%, while traditional ups typically close at 20%, says a recent study by PLADOOGLE, LLC.

Use Live Chat to Build Rapport With Shoppers


People buy from businesses they like, trust, and know -- which is a big reason why establishing rapport is so important in the sales process, both on the showroom floor and on your dealership’s website.

Top Ten Auto News Stories of the Week: December 27 - January 2


Happy 1st Friday of the year, Auto Professionals! We’re sure you’re busy getting ready for an amazing first quarter, which is why (as per usual) we’ve compiled the latest, most interesting auto news stories and blogs from around the web for you!

Avoid Post-Holiday Blues and Boost Employee Morale

describe the image

I hate to be the one to say it, but the holidays are practically over. The excitement of gift-giving and receiving dies down, and we forget about the famous annual ball-drop.

4 Customer-Centric Infographics to Check Out Right Now

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As you prepare for a new year at your dealership, you’re probably on the lookout for innovative, measurable ways to effectively engage your shoppers. That’s why we’ve compiled 4 customer-centric infographics to help you improve your marketing strategy and proactively engage the modern shopper in 2015.

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