Misconceptions About Automotive Managed Messaging

Misconceptions About Automotive Messaging

Automotive live chat (or automotive managed messaging, as we like to call it) has become somewhat of a four-letter word in the automotive sales industry in recent years. 

We know that automotive managed messaging is a proven digital tool that helps engage curious customers on your website, and as a result, equips your sales team to sell vehicles faster and easier, increases service attendance, and overall primes the customer for a more comfortable experience. So, what’s with the bad rap? 

It’s actually pretty understandable once you look a little closer:

Not many automotive managed messaging providers do it well.

Mostly opting for shallow contact grabbing, a concerning number of automotive chat/managed messaging providers rely on this technology as a simple message-taking tool, and think bots and A.I. will do the trick. (Quick spoiler alert: they don’t!)

While your car shopping customers are engaging you on a digital platform, they themselves are not faceless, soulless digital beings. These are real humans with valid concerns and questions that need to be alleviated before they choose to sit in your dealership for what may be hours. 

Simply intercepting them to be passed along makes a car shopper — a unique, real person — feel unheard and disrespected. The truth is, your potential car buyers can buy literally anywhere. With the advent of the internet and digital touch points, the world is our oyster. 

A truly great customer experience isn’t just the cherry on top anymore: it’s arguably the whole sundae. 


3 Myths About Automotive Managed Messaging (Live Chat) 

Being a quality leader in automotive managed messaging, we have our fingers on the pulse of sentiments in the industry about chat when it comes to automotive sales. 

What we see are misconceptions and misunderstandings as a result of low-quality providers and sub-optimal approaches when it comes to engagement and overall processes. 

Here are three myths about automotive managed messaging that we feel need to be addressed so that car dealers can better understand the process and see that when a great managed messaging provider brings awesome results to the table, it helps dealers not leave money on the table. 

1. All chat is created equal.

Sorry to break it to you — but it’s not! 

The vendor you choose matters. 

An automotive live chat provider worth its salt understands that there are many moving parts that make a messaging experience effective and special. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing an automotive live chat provider:

  • Do the people involved have an automotive background and experience in the industry? 
  • Is it available for all of your departments? 
  • Is it omnichannel, with multiple avenues to connect? 
  • Is the software optimized for automotive, and is it easily integrated with your other services? 
  • Can they provide live reporting for metrics and other measurements? 
  • Is their staff vetted and continually trained? 

ActivEngage’s managed messaging solution encompasses all of the listed points above, making it the most effective live chat for dealerships whether it’s in sales, service, or customer service. 

2. Bots are better.

This is a big one.  

Bots can’t even hope to compete with live, human representatives. Customers in general, but especially those in the car buying process, need to feel heard and understood. 

In fact, the majority of customers would prefer live assistance. From an article by Chatdesk: A Statista survey asked consumers in what scenarios they would be comfortable talking with a chatbot rather than a human. Only 34% of respondents stated they would be comfortable using chatbots in an online retail situation. Most customers don’t want chatbots.”

The customer journey in automotive goes deeper than price. That vehicle is an extension of that person’s lifestyle, needs, and personality. A bot couldn’t begin to connect with the mother of two who needs reliable safety features. Or connect with that young first-time buyer about the scary yet wonderfully exciting feeling of purchasing a vehicle that’s all your own. 

ActivEngage and our services are only represented by real people, well-trained in customer service and automobiles alike. That’s our promise! 

3. Handling things in-house is always best.

Just to be clear: we are in no way calling into question your expertise in automotive sales. If you’re reading this, you are well-acquainted with car sales and the car sales process.

But live chat is a different animal.

These days, and with the pandemic on our hands, customers are utilizing messaging platforms more than ever. Without a dedicated BDC or inbound chat team, your onsite salespeople could be taking the brunt of that responsibility, distracting them from critical onsite customer experience and detracting their focus on the quality leads they can get to at that time. 

When it comes down to it, an excellent managed messaging service allows dealers to do what they do best; selling vehicles and focusing their time and attention to providing an amazing customer experience on-site and comfortably handle current workload. 

And as unfortunate as it is, there is a long-standing perception of car dealerships that leads to customer dread. A live, personable messaging approach can ease customer concerns and prime your team for success in the showroom. 


ActivEngage’s Success is No Myth

ActivEngage’s process and results are legendary, but they are anything but tall tales. In addition to our industry-leading, award-winning managed messaging services and software, we also offer a large suite of premium digital engagement tools for you and your dealership(s): 

We're happy to dispel any concerns or misconceptions regarding automotive managed messaging/automotive live chat that you may have. Don't be afraid to ask! 


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