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Create Meaningful Connections

Nothing motivates shoppers to make a purchase quite like a personal connection. With ActivEngage engagement tools, you can create a totally unique online experiences for your shoppers by interacting online in relevant and meaningful ways. By integrating higher levels of personal attention and care, not only will your sales conversion increase, but so will your customer satisfaction and repeat business.

“ActivEngage has been our chat partner for 6 years, and we appreciate the way they’ve evolved. Our dedicated account rep keeps us up to date on the latest ways to enhance our customer experience. It saves us time and money to have one trusted vendor for several of our dealership’s needs. We highly recommend ActivEngage.”

Dana Kohlbeck

Marketing Director, Broadway Automotive

“ActivEngage has been our chat partner for 6 years, and we appreciate the way they’ve evolved. Our dedicated account rep keeps us up to date on the latest ways to enhance our customer experience. It saves us time and money to have one trusted vendor for several of our dealership’s needs. We highly recommend ActivEngage.”

Dana Kohlbeck

Marketing Director, Broadway Automotive


24/7 Managed  |  Award-Winning Software  |  Co-Managed Flexibility

The backbone of any quality engagement is the connection, both technical and personal. ActivEngage’s award-winning software and managed messaging services provide the framework for your success.
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Managed Messaging
Hire top industry conversion experts and keep your digital dealership staffed 24/7. Only ActivEngage’s automotive-specific team is trained with the highest industry standards and produces these unmatched results for your dealership.
*Average Performance Metrics Shown
Co-Managed Messaging
Maximize your resources by building a hybrid service around your needs with expert software and support from ActivEngage. We tailor our Co-Managed options so you’re always open and available. Get 24/7 Co-Managed service or just rely on us during your after-hours.
Race-to-Chat Service
AfterHours Coverage
Flexible Options
Staff Your Website 24/7
Make it easier for your team to convert online auto shoppers. With the wrong lead generation tools, your team may be working twice as hard to get half the leads. Help them increase sales opportunities with the right chat and text software.
Built-in, Smart Tech
Optimized for Seamless Interactions
No Downloads, No Hassle
Updates Automatically

Qvale Automotive Group's ActivEngage Experience

From marketing strategy to engaged shopping experiences and more, Qvale entrusts ActivEngage to create a uniquely interactive online experience for their shoppers. With fully-managed engagement solutions, ActivEngage has consistently achieved nearly 80% lead conversion rates for Qvale Automotive.

Inline Messaging

Direct website integrationS  |  increased Lead Quality  |  Increased Engagement

Today’s buyers clearly prefer texting to filling out forms. When a website relies on forms to generate leads, conversion suffers. What if you could turn static website buttons into real-time engagement with your customers?
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ActivEngage’s unique website integrations allows car shoppers to get answers to questions directly on your SRP and VDP through embedded inline chat buttons. On average, dealers with inline buttons are seeing a 30% higher engagement. By adding inline buttons to your website, your dealership gets:
A unique competitive advantage for your digital storefront
Increase in lead volume and a better customer experience
Down-funnel opportunities that push customers closer to the sale

Nearly 85% of shoppers who click these buttons become dealership leads!

Messaging Staff also knows what vehicle shoppers are looking at before a chat begins, leading to better conversations.
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Messenger  |  Marketplace Inventory Upload  |  Retargeting Ads

With an audience as large as Facebook’s (over one billion people), messaging with customers directly on Facebook offers a powerful opportunity to create interest, provide incredible service, and build a lasting reputation.
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Messenger for Business

Increase shopper engagement, awareness, and satisfaction by connecting with shoppers on Facebook via ActivEngage's Messenger integration. Be always-on and build stronger relationships with your Facebook audience right there on your business page.
Be Where Your Shoppers Are
Offer Convenient Interactions

Messenger for Marketplace

Getting your inventory on Marketplace is only half the battle. Once a shopper is interested, shoppers can message your dealership on Facebook Messenger. As an approved listing and chat provider, you get both services with one partner!
Increase Engagement & ROI
Connect When it Counts
Optimize Your Marketing


My Business  |  Google Ads  |  SMS Texting

First impressions are critical to capturing new business. By adding ActivEngage engagement tools to your Google search results, you can launch shoppers into great experiences when they need it most, solidifying your place in their minds.

Google My Business

When shoppers see your business listing on Google, they find valuable details like your location, hours of operation, and company rating. By adding messaging to your Google listing, not only can you answer questions about your dealership, but you can also give shoppers a taste of the experience they can expect at your store — a powerful motivator to visit the showroom.
Engage More Mobile Shoppers
Boost Appointment Volume
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Google Ads

Get more value out of your Google Ads by adding messaging. Shoppers can engage with a dealership representative immediately and carry on a meaningful interaction right from their search results, setting you ahead of the competition.
Increase Your Engagement
Boost Your PPC Performance


Behavioral offers  |  Lead Volume Booster

Sometimes all a shopper needs in order to make a decision is the right incentive to take action. With ActivEngage’s strategically-designed offers, your dealership can provide strong motivational value for your automotive customers.
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Pop-ups can kill your website conversion and hurt the customer experience. Don't drive your customers away! ActivTarget behavioral offers incentivize shoppers by deploying the right offer at the right time, without compromising your website experience. Serve up offers based on your shopper 's behavior and present them in an interface that increases lead conversion.
Showcase Relevant Offers
Behaviorally-Driven Deployment
Increase Lead Volume

Partner Integrations

Managed Messaging  |  Seamless Experiences

Your customers deserve a pleasant and painless path to the sale – and you deserve the peace-of-mind that comes with a highly professional team. ActivEngage brings the best engagement tools and personnel to some of the most popular platforms online today.

OfferUp Messaging for Car Dealerships

OfferUp is the largest mobile marketplace in the country, and over a quarter of its users only download the app to buy a car. 36% of those buyers want to purchase within a week. Don’t let your sales flop with a poor first impression. Back your OfferUp listings with ActivEngage's expert automotive messaging team and sell more cars quickly.
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Texting on Autotrader VDPs

Convert more shoppers on one of the most well-known automotive e-commerce platforms by offering a faster and simpler way to connect with you – directly on your inventory VDPs. Now, your buyers can get their questions answered faster and ActivEngage handles incoming messages 24/7 so you never miss an opportunity.
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Ebook  |  Free Resource

Live Chat DIY Kit for Car Dealers

Interested in managing your online engagements in-house? Optimize your approach with tools and tips based on years of industry innovations by ActivEngage. Set yourself up for success from day one with a solution that fits all of your engagement needs.

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