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Only 33% of car dealers are actively managing their online review listings — both positive and negative — and traditional reputation management tools are missing a key ingredient for success: control. While review management simply reacts to customer feedback, AcceleRater proactively enhances it.
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Introducing AcceleRater

AcceleRater is a first-of-its-kind online reputation management and enhancement tool powered by the customer experience experts at Activengage. If you’re looking to proactively improve your star rating, ask more customers to leave feedback, or just enhance your online presence, look no further than AcceleRater.



of automotive customers choose a dealership based on reputation.

In the age of the internet, online reviews are a mighty influence on most consumer’s perceptions. Think about the last time you made a major online purchase or even saw a movie. You likely read a review before initiating the purchase. In the automotive industry, this is no different. With that in mind, a highly visible negative review can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back when it comes to a wavering potential customer.



of consumers aged 18-34 seek online reviews before purchasing any product or service.

With so much information and choice available in the market, potential customers care enormously about what fellow consumers have to say about your brand. With AcceleRater, you can stay ahead of the curve and manage your online reputation like never before.

Show customers that you care by being an attentive presence that focuses on organizing and responding to customer concerns. It’s sure to improve customer perception — and it’s never been easier to manage than with the AcceleRater platform!

Get More Reviews and Increase Ratings, Faster.

Don’t just wait for customer feedback to happen. Believe it or not, it’s not all about what individual customers rate your business on a scale of one to five. It’s also about acquisition consistency, the number of reviews, longevity, and the range of topics covered.

With our easy-to-use platform, you’ll be able to target customers most likely to rave about your business at any point during the dealership-customer relationship on a regular and automatic basis.

Did you know that a study by BrightLocal, discovered that by simply asking customers to leave a review, 76% go on to do so? This was a whopping 70% increase from the year before. This percentage is most likely even higher now with the level of emphasis on top-notch customer service.


All of the Best Online Reputation Management Tools, also Included.


The AcceleRater platform has all the reputation management tools your dealership needs to not only get more reviews but to stay on top of the incoming feedback you do get.

Additionally, we give you ways to showcase select review listings on social and your website to inspire even more business. Plus, the reporting and insights help you understand where your reputation is at all times.


Review Collection


Review requests via messaging

This feature requires nothing more than turning it on. Our expert team then advocates for honest feedback on behalf of your dealership.

Because many digital shopper engagements occur during the most exciting and least stressful stage of the car buying process, it’s the perfect time to ask for a review. It’s also a great way to highlight the full scope of your dealership’s customer experience, starting with the beginning of the journey through servicing their vehicle.

Feedback collection landing page

Every account gets a customizable review collection landing page. Customers from every dealership department are sent to this URL to share their recent experiences on the review sites that matter the most.

We keep these landing pages clean and focused on the goal of garnering more ratings and experience evaluations. There are also multiple layout and customization options to fit the needs of your dealership.

If you’re part of an auto group, we make it easy to connect your locations while still providing individual feedback collection pages for each dealership.

Email & SMS drip campaigns

When asking customers to leave feedback, it’s best to do so in an encouraging, pressureless way and take the guesswork out of the process. Review request drip campaigns, both email and SMS, are the best ways to do just that.

We make it easy for you to customize these campaigns and track the results. You can edit the content, the subject lines, the amount of follow-up, send times, and more. This option works great because it combines all the factors for an optimal response rate.

In-store opt-in forms

It’s also essential for your business to collect the person’s consent to solicit them with review requests.

We hook your team up with a form to collect customer contact information and automatically drop them into one of your established email or SMS drip campaigns. You’ll also get a separate form that allows your customers to opt themselves in to receive a request to review, kiosk-style.

Review generating widgets

We top the list off with various additional passive ways to collect reviews and ratings for a well-rounded reputation management strategy. These include email signature graphics, QR codes for print and in-store collection, a Review Now website button, and more.

Review Monitoring and Responding


Responding to reviews is crucial to successful reputation management. The AcceleRater platform saves your team so much time and effort in this arena. We pull all your incoming reviews from your specified listings into one central location. Your team can then monitor, sort, tag, filter, and respond with ease.

It’s vital to respond to both negative reviews and positive ones. Responding to an angry review with understanding, kindness, a sincere apology, and a way to make it right goes a very long way. Sometimes those customers will update the rating, but if they don’t, the rest of the digital world can see the integrity of your business.

Positive Feedback Showcasing


You should be proud of every positive interaction you have with your customers. Put those reviews on a pedestal and show them off to potential customers. We make it easy to display your positive reviews on social media as well as on your website.

You can control what type of reviews get shared, when it’s shared, and even how it’s displayed. Don’t waste incoming social proof, especially when you put effort into collecting it, and it can help attract customers.

Accelerate your reviews with the only tool in the automotive industry that proactively seeks to enhance your online presence and reputation through both a user-friendly platform and an additional team of advocates for your dealership.


Use AcceleRater to Influence Your Future Customers.

Reviews have a ripple effect on your business. Each customer experience influences a much larger number of people. Allow potential (hopefully future) customers to see the best version of your dealership.

With AcceleRater you can:

  • Quickly increase the
  • volume of positive reviews
  • Mitigate a negative review
  • Continuously monitor your online reputation
  • Effortlessly respond to all reviews
  • Understand where your dealership and staff need to improve
  • Boost local SEO performance
  • And much more!

What Makes Us Different

AcceleRater is a step above other review management platforms. We actively encourage customers to leave their feedback on review sites like Google and Facebook through our managed messaging and engagement solutions. After a positive and helpful interaction with your customers, our Customer Experience Experts trigger review requests sent at the end of the conversation.

And with our friendly, guided messaging approach, a favorable outcome is virtually guaranteed! Nearly 100% of ActivEngage review invitations result in 4 or 5-star reviews.

Why is Online Reputation Management a Critical Investment for Your Automotive Business?

In today’s market, perception is everything. Want to stay ahead of the competition and boost new and repeat business? AcceleRater gives your automotive business the power to automatically reach out to and encourage your customers to leave reviews, share them per your criteria, and monitor and respond to both positive and negative reviews. For those who already utilize the power of ActivEngage, a whole new level of online reputation management awaits:

  • Upgrade your messaging service by adding AcceleRater and connect it to your preferred review sites.
  • Our CEEs create great experiences and invite customers to review your dealership as your team (or ours!) manages your reputation from the platform.
  • Watch your reputation improve every day as positive reviews flow into the reporting dashboard.

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