7 Steps to Overcome Shopper Distrust

There’s an on-going struggle in the dealership community for winning a shopper’s trust. Why? Because shoppers have a pre-conceived idea about what they will expect when arriving at a dealership. They expect to be the prey. They expect your sales team’s hawks to swoop down and engulf them in persuasive […]

Your Dealership’s Staff Wants a Culture of Appreciation

A dealership is often a high-stress environment, and if you don’t have a viable plan to show your employees that you appreciate them, you’re going to have to hire and re-hire over and over and over again…ad infinitum. So how do you typically show your employees that you appreciate them […]

7 Crucial Days Following a Test Drive

…7 days… It’s not just a quote from the terrifying film “The Ring”, or as the Japanese know it “Ringu”, which I watched with my face behind a pillow – it’s also the crunch time for car buying decisions.   Edmunds.com recently reported that 79% of shoppers buy a car […]

How to Slaughter Your Competition Like the German Soccer Team

The World Cup is finally over and the German soccer team was the clear winner of the tournament. They possessed, not only the talents, but also the inner qualities of a winning team – and everyone loves a winner, both on the court and off. So how can your dealership’s […]

Your Sales Team & Live Chat Associates Are Not That Different

The conversations your sales team has with your customers often dictate whether they’ll purchase or not. That’s why having a sales team trained in customer service is so important. Your standards should be exactly the same for your live chatting team. But how are their conversations even remotely similar? The […]

5 Unlikely Places You Can Promote Your Dealer Chat Service

You may think that the only place a chat invitation belongs is on your dealership’s website, however there are many dealerships across the country who have expanded the marketing of their chat service in the most unlikely places, and have received real benefits from doing so! What unlikely places am […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Live Chat Game

Live chat can be a great way to generate leads and build lasting relationships with your shoppers. When customers click to chat, they want knowledgeable associates that will answer their questions and build their trust. However, that’s not always the case…and the worst part is you could be avoiding it! […]