Google Click-to-Message: Your Secret Weapon for Mobile Ads

Written By AE Staff

You may have heard that Google launched Google Business Profile Chat, a new feature that allows you to chat directly with customers on Google Search. But did you know you can also leverage today’s most popular form of communication for Google Ads, too?

That’s right, thanks to the Google Click-to-Message ad extension, you can start SMS text conversations that will drive more traffic into your showroom.

Benefits of adding Google CTM to your Ads strategy include:

  • More bang for your buck. You can add the Click-to-Message extensions to your ads at no extra cost.
  • More sales opportunities. By essentially opening a new channel, you have more chances of engaging and converting shoppers.
  • Apply extension across ad groups or campaigns. You can customize how you use Click-to-Message according to your needs.


But, Will Shoppers Use Google Click-to-Message?

Absolutely! Give them a chance to, and your automotive shoppers will use the SMS texting option on your Google Ads. Especially if a good portion of your traffic comes from mobile.

Consider the user experience: When a shopper clicks on a mobile Google Ad, there’s a higher level of intent than just browsing. They could be stranded with a broken down car somewhere and find you’re nearby thanks to your Google Ad. Or, they could be ready to test drive a new vehicle and you have the winning bid at the right moment. Why not engage them right then and there?

When you invite shoppers to connect with you via texting, you’re reducing the number of clicks it would take to get answers. And the easier you make it for a customer to reach you, the better chances you have of winning their business.

And sure, you also have the Click-to-Call option. But let’s be honest. As consumers, we are all getting more and more call-phobic by the day. Car shoppers would love to text you if you let them. In fact, according to Google:

“65% of consumers say they’d consider using messaging to connect with a business to get information about a product or service or to schedule an in-person appointment.”


Let Our Messaging Experts Connect with Your Shoppers

ActivEngage recently launched our Google Click-to-Message feature, which allows our expert chat team (or yours) to text with shoppers clicking on your ads using ActivEngage’s innovative chat software.

With impressive features like PreRead™, rich media sharing, and Lead Form Auto-Fill, our chat platform has the ability to transform SMS conversations into conversions. And our highly-trained chat team is there to provide your customers their undivided attention, freeing you up to do what you do best: close the deal.

If you’re an ActivEngage customer, and you want to turn on the Google Click-to-Message feature, let’s get you set up! It’s quick and simple. Contact the AE Support Team or chat with us to get started.

If you’re ready to rock and want to know how to set up message extensions from your Ads account, check out Google’s step-by-step instructions.


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