how to use geofencing in chat

How to Use Geofencing with Live Chat

Written By AE Staff

The Internet allows you to have a global street corner for your dealership’s Digital Storefront, but sometimes it’s wise (and profitable) to send certain messages to your local shoppers ONLY, and in order to do that - you need to use Geofencing.

What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a popular customer targeting technology that uses GPS location. It gives you the ability to allow or prevent designated website visitors from viewing different parts of your automotive marketing. Some places to use geofencing include: your ads, pop-up messages in your dealership's app, or certain information on your website.

Reasons you might want to use Geofencing:

  • Location-based restrictions on service warranties
  • To promote your upcoming events to local customers
  • To send a reminder about your Express Service to customers who are 10-15 minutes away from your dealership

How Can I Use Geofencing with Live Chat?

Limit Leads from Out-of-Range Business

Don't want leads about service warranties from an area that's out of your dealership's range? Ask your chat provider if you can set up Geofencing to prevent that particular area from seeing the chat buttons on your website.

Increase Leads from Local Shoppers 

You can also target a local area and send those visitors a special offer or reminder via chat. By targeting messages to local shoppers via Geofencing, you're more likely to reach the right shopper at the right time with the right message.

Local shoppers are also more likely to visit your store more often for their service needs. It’s a good idea to send them something special as they browse your site!

Note: Although Geofencing can be helpful in limiting unwanted traffic, it’s also important not to limit your traffic too much that you deter business from shoppers who are willing to travel a long distance to your store for a good price (or for great customer service!).


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