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SEO Issues

Being found online isn’t easy. Dozens of competitors are clamoring for attention right alongside your site, so how are you supposed to get noticed? Search Engine Optimization, the art of getting higher on the search engine results page (SERP), is vital to your success.

Is Bad SEO Hurting Your Business?

Almost everyone knows they need SEO to get ahead, but few know how to do it correctly. Shady or rushed tactics will backfire and shove your website further down the search rankings as soon as Google's algorithm catches on.
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Hyper-Effective SEO for Car Dealers

You don’t have time to waste with amateur strategies or part-time resources. To get noticed online, you need SEO tailored for dealerships by people who understand what you do. That’s why ActivEngage is the perfect SEO partner for you.

Certified SEO Strategists

SEO companies who have been recognized by Google for having the best SEO strategies and SEO services become Google partners. An SEO company that wants a Google partnership has to make sure that the SEO strategy they use to boost their clients to the top of the search engine results is in compliance with Google’s current marketing standards.

No Cookie-Cutter SEO

Reused content and one-size-fits-all strategies won’t put your website closer to the top of the SERP. You need unique and customized strategies to nurture your online presence into a top-performing organic search powerhouse.

Proven Results and Reporting

We monitor your web ranking and other results and send you monthly reports so you always know what’s going on. We don’t leave you in the dark and wondering if your money went to good use.

Why SEO is Important for Dealerships & Steps for Success

Choose the best Keywords

It takes relevant keyphrases, local place names, and careful planning to get noticed. Don’t struggle through the intricacies of SEO alone. Let ActivEngage handle everything in the background while you focus on the day-to-day details of running your dealership.

Create Quality Content

Don’t cater to the search engine — serve your customers by offering interesting and helpful content. How-to guides, product deep dives, auto care tips, and more — for anything your potential customers might need help with, you can offer solutions. That’s how you build loyalty and solidify your place in the SERPs.

Optimize Every Element

Slow loading times, videos that autoplay in the background, and visual clutter can annoy and repel web visitors. Even the colors you choose can have a huge impact on how effectively your website converts visitors. Do you know which web-building elements are ideal for SEO and which will hurt your rankings? We do.

Track and Monitor SEO Results

Optimizing your web presence means nothing if you can’t track your results to evaluate your investment. ActivEngage allows you to track results across time, in detail, so that you know exactly what your budget is accomplishing.

Make Automotive SEO a Regular Task

You can’t rely on old content and static pages to generate continued results. You need to make SEO services part of your everyday web upkeep. If you don’t have time to continually manage your SEO strategy, consider working with SEO specialists like ActivEngage.

Use Google My Business

If you’re looking for tools to help your automotive brand’s SEO, try Google My Business. It’s a free virtual device designed to help you promote your Business Profile and website on Google’s search results page and on Google Maps results. A Google My Business account makes communicating and connecting with your customers easier than ever. You can post Business Profile updates, store data analytics, and check on customer engagement whenever you like.



Sales Tracking

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Give Your Dealership the Spotlight Treatment it Deserves

One of the biggest challenges your dealership faces today is the task of grabbing attention online. There are many factors to consider when it comes to visibility, but luckily there’s no shortage of in-market shoppers actively looking online for inventory, deals, trades, etc. You just need to make sure they find YOU.
ActivEngage’s suite of visibility services features top-performing industry tools that are easily set up and managed ― a true win for a dealership that wants lasting results.

SEO Certified Partners

SEO  |  Custom Strategies  |  Designed for Automotive

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Our pros have to make a lot of research-based decisions about which keywords are the right keywords to attract potential customers. They’re also in charge of making sure all of the services you offer appeal to customers so that you stay relevant and they choose your dealership over the many other dealerships available.
In addition to being the most economical way to generate interest organically, your SEO solution is set up and managed by search innovators specifically selected by ActivEngage, which far surpasses any out-of-the-box SEO solution. With an ActivEngage SEO-certified partner, your website will continually rank higher, influencing both unique website visits and sales volume.

Leverage Best-In-Class SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is an automotive dealer's most cost-effective means of getting found on popular search engines organically in their Designated Market Area. The pursuit to successfully have your dealership's URL rank for high-value keywords and phrases are hugely competitive. Dealers should strive to evolve continually and get seen.

Proven Results And Reporting

It shouldn't be a challenge to track your SEO success. That's why we provide resources to help you better understand your website's SEO performance. Our comprehensive strategy and monthly reporting are uniquely designed for complete transparency.

Work with certified SEO experts


Rank higher in search engine results


Increase organic traffic to your website


Reduce your marketing ad spend


Boost sales and car buyer engagement


Get reporting to track your success


Messenger  |   Retargeting Ads

Facebook retargeting ad with dealership inventory
One of the most important innovations of the 21st century so far is social media, specifically Facebook. With over one billion active users, Facebook has become a colossal channel for connecting people across the world to your dealership. With the advent of ActivEngage’s social media integration, it’s a no-brainer that you can use Facebook to your advantage in many ways.

Target the Right People with the Right Message Using Inventory Ads

Showcase your vehicles to shoppers most likely to buy in your market. Using your live inventory feed, our ad technology creates inventory ads and targets local buyers who visited your site. Our ads can even retarget low-hanging fruit with similar models, then drive the leads into your CRM!

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Conquesting is an automotive search engine optimization strategy. This dealer SEO strategy involves purchasing the rights to a keyword or title tag used by competing car dealers to drive organic traffic to the vehicles on your business web pages.
Doing this intentionally to another auto dealer is seen by both local businesses and international car dealers as an attack on the targeted auto dealer. You have to be careful when dealing with SEO for car dealers to not claim the wrong SEO keywords. Google has rules against claiming certain improper keywords or title tags.


One SEO best practice is retargeting — the apex of marketing strategies. Advertisers utilize a user’s online traffic and local search histories to predict future searches to which they can link local businesses.

Automotive sales retargeting can focus your car ads on those more likely to buy from you, like your previous customers. By avoiding those uninterested in shopping with your dealership, you can increase the number of buyers and return customers. Your ads should include a brief, enticing summary of your business profile for the highest chances of success.

Sales Tracking

SEO sales tracking helps your dealership track web traffic more efficiently. Knowing what vehicle type is popular among automotive consumers, which local car dealerships are selling which car, and whether automotive enthusiasts show more interest in buying a new car or a used car. Even if you’re one of the used car dealers that don’t sell the car that’s currently most popular, chances are you’ll still make a lot of sales by selling used cars for a lower price than they cost when they came out.

It helps with sales tracking to ask auto consumers follow-up questions after purchase to ensure that you are using SEO best tactics. You can even set up a survey for auto consumers to fill out remotely and send it to them via email, phone (if they provide a phone number), or by mail (if they provide a name, address, and PO box number when needed).

Some questions and categories to include are:

"How did you hear about my business?"

(Their answer indicates what kind of advertising brought the traffic to your company.)

"What was the date of your visit?"

(Their answer tells you whether their information is recent or about an interaction from years ago.)

"Will you Google my business next time you need a car?"

(Their answer here serves two purposes: tracking their satisfaction, and determining how frequently consumers are looking for you.)


Online Commerce  |  SMS Texting

Another goliath of online commerce, Craigslist, is a powerful way to increase your exposure to the online community. By uploading listings to Craigslist’s massive audience, your dealership can move more used vehicles than ever before.

SMS conversation initiated from a Craigslist listing

Optimize Your Impact on Craigslist

Used car sales make up a large portion of Craigslist transactions. Branching out and putting a few of your company’s meta descriptions on their site is an excellent opportunity to reel people in and do a bit of link-building.

People who look for used vehicles on Craigslist might be wary of their admittedly bad history. However, stumbling across a meta description of a more reliable source (like your company) might give them the way out they’re looking for. It can’t hurt to put the occasional meta description of your products on Craigslist and see what happens. It might just give your sales numbers the boost they need.
Reach more low-funnel shoppers on Craigslist and connect them to an expert on your team or ours directly from the listing.

Make It Easy For Customers To Reach Out To You With SMS

Give on-the-go shoppers the convenience of SMS. With our unique Queues, conversations can span for hours — and shoppers can easily pick up right where they left off.


Ebook  |  Free Resource

How to Conquer Car Buyers with Facebook Inventory Ads

Learn how to target and convert in-market auto shoppers on the world's largest social media platform.


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