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The Only Online Car Sales Solution for Forward-Thinking Dealers.

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A Digital Retailing Solution
Unlike Any Other


Revolve is a first-of-its-kind guided retailing solution. Fully-loaded with integrations that save time and spare your customers the disappointment of building an inaccurate online deal.


Signature-Ready Deals

With our unique integrations, your customers can buy a car without ever leaving the couch. Instantly offer fully-worked deals to your online shoppers.

Guide By Side™ Human Assistance

Our Customer Engagement Experts (CEEs) are available 24/7 to guide, encourage, and up-sell your shoppers through the process.


Flexible Deployment

Customizable workflows give your dealership the control to accomplish financial goals without compromise.

Not Just for Online Sales

Integrated desking and web tools means no re-keying for your sales team when a shopper finalizes the purchase in-store.

Your F&I Manager's
Favorite Solution


Accelerate Your Online Sales Without Sacrificing F&I Profit

Use Revolve Digital Retailing to eliminate lengthy processes, enhance your customer experience, and significantly raise your bottom line. By taking over some of the heavy liftings, you have more time for training, perfecting, and evolving your in-store processes.


One-of-a-kind Integrations

Unique integrations with companies like Dealertrack and RouteOne gives your online shoppers access to real-time offers that are calculated down to the cent.

No F&I Interference

Get your F&I Manager’s stamp of approval. Unlike alternative solutions, ActivEngage does not take a cut of your dealership’s hard-earned F&I profits.

Streamlined Desking

Skip the middleman and save everyone’s sanity! Replace your old desking software with Revolve™ and instantly work signature-ready deals with your showroom shoppers.

Revolve™ Redefines the Meaning of
Digital Retailing

Custom Workflows

Whether you choose to offer just a portion of the retailing process online or take advantage of Revolve's complete signature-ready purchase process, Revolve™ is equipped to help you accomplish your specific goals.

In-Store Finance

Revolve uses soft and hard credit pulls to let you work a deal as if the customer was sitting in front of you at the showroom. In fact, your F&I Manager can continue the sale in-store using Revolve—for a smooth, seamless transaction.

Guided Experience

Guide by Side™ gives car buyers access to live professionals when and if they need assistance with their vehicle purchase. We help your dealership mirror the in-store process online and build trust during the sale.

Done Deals

Eliminate reworking digital retailing deals with signature-ready deals. Our integrated bookout statement, F&I contracting, eContracting, DMS integration, ID verification, and Stips integration allow your team to do the work ONCE.

How Revolve™ Works


Website graphics direct your low-funnel website shoppers to build a deal with the aid of Guide By Side™ assistance.


Highly-trained CEEs obtain the minimum details to begin working a deal such as an email, vehicle type, VIN, and price.


The shopper completes as much of the process as you allow. They are free to start and stop the process as long as the certificate lasts.

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