ActivEngage Reveals New Addition to Messaging Service, MyDrive Experience

Enhanced vehicle video content shared in the live chat tool on-demand empowers customers to test drive vehicles from anywhere.

ORLANDO, Fla., Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- ActivEngage, Inc., today announced the launch of Social Advantage, a suite of social media products that helps dealers target, engage, and convert auto shoppers into customers on Facebook. The fully-managed solution includes Marketplace inventory uploads, Messenger, and Facebook inventory ads.

Social Advantage Increases Efficiency, Drives Results

Since becoming one of the first approved inventory and chat partners on Marketplace, ActivEngage has already handled over 100,000 conversations. Social Advantage is the natural progression of increasing consumer demand for digital retailing on Facebook.

"Now that Marketplace has proven itself as a viable source for customer engagement, dealers have asked for new ways to engage shoppers on that platform," said Eric Schlesinger, VP of Revenue at ActivEngage. "Social Advantage fills that need by providing dealerships with the essential tools to sell cars on Facebook. And it's powered by the highest-converting digital messaging service in automotive. It's the ideal utility for savvy dealers who want to streamline processes and maximize results."

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Ads Engage Shoppers Throughout the Buying Journey

The most exciting feature of Social Advantage is ActivEngage's distinctive inventory ads that keep shoppers moving through the buying journey. Using advanced targeting technology, dealers can show inventory to in-market shoppers right within the News Feed, and later retarget them with ads until they buy. Other special features include:

  • A dynamic inventory feed that auto updates ads based on vehicle availability
  • Targeting based on market data, including shopper behavior, location, and credit
  • The ability to attribute car sales to Facebook advertising efforts

Dealers attending Digital Dealer this April in Orlando can visit Booth #715 to get a firsthand look at Social Advantage and the rest of ActivEngage's full Digital Retailing product. To learn more about Social Advantage today, visit


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