LivePerson Suspends Car Dealer Chat. We Can Help.

LivePerson Car Dealer Chat Has Been Suspended. We Can Help.

Written By Eric Schlesinger

As you may (or may not!) have heard, LivePerson Automotive is closing the hood on its direct-to-dealer automotive messaging platform on October 31, 2022. [EDIT: this date has changed, and LivePerson's automotive messaging platform is now out of service as of 11/29/2022.]

Being among the first live chat services for dealerships, we enjoyed a healthy competition with LivePerson that helped fuel us to further innovate and help our dealer partners thrive. 

We want to thank Contact-at-Once and LivePerson Automotive for helping to keep the spirit of market competition alive in the automotive industry solutions space; we’ve both done some innovating over the years!

ActivEngage is There For You in the Wake of LivePerson Automotive Closing

The LivePerson company messaging service suspension has left you with a choice to make, and a critical one at that. Getting curious car shoppers and people looking for service to your dealership website is only half the battle. Once they are there, you need real people guiding and reassuring them to establish a connection - a trusted bond - with you and your dealership team. 

ActivEngage can help bridge the gap between you and your online customers where LivePerson Automotive may have fallen behind throughout the years. The economy has been rough on everyone, however we’re grateful to be able to continue to provide top-notch customer experience through it all! 

Here are three ways ActivEngage can pick up the torch LivePerson Inc left behind and take it even further for your auto dealer chat success. 

3 Ways ActivEngage Helps Your Dealership Thrive After LivePerson Car Dealer Chat Goes Away

ActivEngage's conversational commerce solutions are optimal to help build relationships with your car shopping customers. We don't seek solutions to orchestrate humans and AI, only level up or down your service with chat solutions by need, and ensuring success services between our Team and yours, and pass that down to the shopper. People use our conversational commerce because they know it was crafted with solutions by industry in mind.

Here are three ways ActivEngage can help you continue to thrive after LivePerson sunsets their automotive chat platform.

1) Providing a fully people-powered conversational experience.

When we set out to provide the first managed messaging solution for car dealers, back when ActivEngage and LivePerson were the only players in the game, utilizing completely real people to have our conversations was non-negotiable. We know how we want the showroom experience to go. Real people talking to real people, having genuine conversations, and not being seen as “just another sale.” This isn't curiously human AI, we only trust the real deal.

You wouldn’t walk up to a customer in your showroom, ask one simple question, and then ask for their contact information or to fill out a form. That would be awkward and, frankly, a disaster! Doing it on your website yields similar results. Customers want their time and curiosity respected. Respect your customers with a real experience! Since our founding, we've helped millions of consumers have a warm, memorable first interaction with car dealers.

2) Deliver high-quality leads that guide customers further down the sales funnel.

A lead is NOT just contact information to follow up on. A good lead worth it’s salt has a backstory, extra information, and is a thorough needs analysis; not just a trail of bread crumbs. Of course, getting contact information is important, and we have effective stats for acquiring contact information. But, that is incidental to a good lead. 

The magic to getting contact information is in the empathetic, dynamic conversation that happens before it. It’s here where trust and familiarity is built, leading to comfort in being contacted. And, increasing the excitement in the steps leading up to the car sale; historically a very emotional purchase. 

We aren't one to seek transforming how people communicate, what we advocate is meeting people where they are, being there for them, listening, and reassuring in what can be a stressful process.

80% chat to lead conversion, 75% leads with phone numbers, 20% leads with appointments

3) Provide consumer-centric solutions that further enhance the car buying experience.

In the years since our founding, we’ve evolved with the technology and convenience that customers come to expect from a modern retailing experience. We now provide a suite of solutions that take the customer experience to modern levels and beyond in the automotive retail space in addition to our expertise in auto dealer chat and auto dealer text messaging. 

For example: our digital retailing integration RetailSync. With RetailSync, ActivEngage covers more ground and provides more guidance to shoppers looking to go through what can still sometimes be a complex process in a digital retailing tool.

We have the deepest integrations with all of the top digital retailing tools, like Cox Automotive’s Accelerate My Deal, that allows us to be seamlessly involved in the tools with chat, and even see customer progress inside of the tool in real-time. 

We also go beyond chat (because it's so much more than that now). Not only is our rock solid chat software super intuitive and easy to use on either desktop or mobile, but we also can cover you on Facebook Messenger for your dealership page, and Google Business Profile. (Although Facebook did away with posting inventory, it is still important to have that avenue of connection through Facebook messenger.)

ActivEngage Can Take Your Live Dealership Chat to the Next Level after LivePerson Automotive Chat Closes

We want you to know that you won't be left hanging come October 31, 2022 [EDIT: this has changed to 11/29/2022] when LivePerson hangs up their hat on auto dealer chat and auto dealer text messaging. ActivEngage has the experience, the tools, and the auto dealer insight that can help you stay in the messaging game even after LivePerson live chat is no longer available for your dealership.

Consider ActivEngage! We’re worth a second look! 

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Ready to discover how ActivEngage helps your dealership succeed?