Google Messaging Integration

Get more out of Google Ads and your Google My Business listing, and drive today’s connected car buyers to your showroom faster! With our new Google Messaging Integration, your dealership can connect and engage mobile users straight from the search results page.

Bypass driving mobile shoppers to more web pages and hoping they will fill out a lead form. And start leveraging your SEO and Google Ad dollars to initiate meaningful conversations that will drive more traffic into your showroom!

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Winning Moments Before the Dealership Visit

From finding information about your dealership to finding the location of your dealership, mobile technology plays a big role in the way today’s consumers shop for cars. Adding mobile communication to your Google Ads and Google My Business listing helps your dealership become more accessible to always-on, always-on-the-go shoppers. With this new feature, ActivEngage helps you:

  • Reach and engage mobile shoppers more effectively to fill your showroom
  • Boost sales and service appointments for your dealership
  • Improve the effectiveness of your PPC ad campaigns
  • Leverage your SEO efforts to reach car buyers when it matters most

Whether you use our chat software at the dealership or let ActivEngage manage chat and text on your behalf, make Google Messaging a powerful tool in your communications strategy.

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