End-to-End Retailing for the Modern Buyer Journey

A comprehensive online retailing and customer life cycle package that delivers the most down-funnel buyers to your dealership.

Visibility & Engagement

Before in-market shoppers even consider contacting your dealership, ActivEngage is proactively reaching them with relevant, compelling advertising that motivates them to inquire and engage.


Leverage best-in-class SEO and SEM services to rank dealership sites higher in search results and increase qualified website traffic.

Facebook Marketplace

Showcase your inventory to 30 million in-market car shoppers via Facebook Marketplace, the hottest e-commerce ecosystem of today.

Craigslist Listings

Reach more low-funnel shoppers on Craigslist. Our technology automatically posts and optimizes pre-owned listings, so dealers can sell more used cars with less effort.

Facebook Ads

Increase your sales conversion by advertising to the right people with the right messages. By utilizing advanced built-in shopper targeting systems, your ad spend will prove to be highly effective.

Digital Retailing »


of shoppers are more likely to buy from a particular dealership that allows them to start or complete nearly all of the vehicle purchase online.
Cox Automotive's Future of Digital Retail Study

Digital Retailing

Give shoppers the experience they want with ActivEngage’s concrete digital retailing suite. Eliminate redundancy, generate accurate and flexible pricing, and work deals faster with highly motivated down-funnel shoppers before they ever set foot in your dealership.

Trade Valuation

Make valuing a car easy and reliable for customers, and bring them further down-funnel with our in-console trade valuation tool.


Match vehicle options to shopper budgets, and close qualified leads faster with QualiFi soft credit pulls in chat.

Calculate Payments

Put your customers in the driver’s seat, and let them calculate their monthly payment, total cost, interest and more.

Customer Life Cycle »


of buyers want to engage with brands post-purchase, and both women and men want maintenance reminders post-purchase.
Facebook Business Auto-Buyer Journey of the Connected Consumer

Customer Life Cycle

A customer’s needs will change several times over the course of their life cycle. ActivEngage delivers curated messaging to customers at every stage to ensure that your customers not only remain loyal to you, but also feel valued and satisfied.

Retargeting Ads

Increase your sales conversion by advertising to the right people with the right messages. By utilizing advanced built-in shopper targeting systems, your ad spend will prove to be highly effective.


Deliver hyper-targeted offers to your web visitors in real time. Our technology dynamically launches personalized offers — and it’s fully managed by our behavioral marketing team.

Video Test Drive

Showcase your inventory in action and get customers excited to buy a car with ActivEngage Virtual Test Drive videos.


Enhance your dealership's reputation with ActivEngage. Use this exclusive tool to get more reviews, increase rating scores, and much more.

Service Scheduling with DMS Connector

Fill more service bays and increase service profits with ActivEngage service appointments.

Parts Catalog

Save time and effort at the dealership with our robust auto parts catalog. Easily share accurate diagrams and information for specific parts in real-time.

Communication »


of auto consumers buy or plan to buy in dealership after online discovery and research.
Facebook Business Auto-Buyer Journey of the Connected Consumer


Communication is a critical part at every step of the modern buyer journey. We understand and cater to the shopper’s communication habits, and ActivEngage specialists are trained to interact in meaningful ways that assist, motivate, and convert them into buyers.

Unique and Exclusive Software Features

Empower your in-house team and create value for your customers in every digital conversation with our proprietary web-based console.

Facebook Messenger

Leverage the most popular social platform to reach and engage ready-to-buy auto shoppers right from your business page, Marketplace, and Ads.

SMS Solutions via Texting, Craigslist, and Google Ads

Give on-the-go shoppers the convenience of SMS. With our unique Queues, conversations can span for hours — and shoppers can easily pick up right where they left off.

Managed Messaging that Closes More Sales

Turn more casual shoppers into ready-to-buy customers with the highest-converting messaging team in automotive. (24/7 and co-managed available). ActivEngage managed chat specialists get the highest quality leads and close more sales with less effort and time.

Get Started »


of total auto respondents said that online (desktop and mobile) plays a role in deciding which new car to buy.
Facebook Business Auto-Buyer Journey of the Connected Consumer

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