The Future of Digital Retailing is Now

ActivEngage is revolutionizing the online car buying experience, one conversation at a time.

Complete Solutions

CDK Connected Store puts modern online retailing tools right on your website. Shoppers can browse by lease or finance payments on your site, build a quote online, send it to the dealership, and then pick up where they left off in your store.

Concierge Chat, a CDK product powered by ActivEngage, enhances the Connected Store experience. With Concierge Chat, you can staff your digital showroom with online experts to help your shoppers during all stages of the digital retailing process in real time.

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Apps and Tools

Your dealership’s online presence is vital throughout the entire car buying journey. That’s why ActivEngage also offers tools and integrations that connect car buyers to your dealership every step of the way—from vehicle discovery to research to purchase.


  • PPC ads & listings
  • Special Offers
  • FBM Inventory Upload


  • Lotlinx VDPs
  • Edmunds ART


  • QualiFi Pre-screens
  • Schedule a Test Drive

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Omni-Channel Connections

With technology, it’s more important than ever to meet car consumers where they are in the buying process. From answering questions to setting appointments, ActivEngage helps your dealership move car buyers through the sales process anytime, anywhere.

Concierge Service

Today’s always on shoppers won’t stick to business hours to buy a car online. ActivEngage ensures your store never misses a sales opportunity. Our highly-trained team of Chat Specialists is available to assist your customers even after your physical store is closed.