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Millions of car buyers on Facebook Marketplace can now shop your used inventory and message your dealership thanks to ActivEngage’s new Marketplace integration.

Facebook Marketplace Conversation

List pre-owned inventory on Marketplace and interact with car buyers in real time during crucial moments in the decision-making process without ever leaving Facebook. With ActivEngage’s state-of-the-art software, you can have lead-generating conversations on Messenger, and leverage features like:


Lead Form AutoFill


Vehicle History Reports


Media Sharing           


Mobile App Extension

80% Chat-to-Lead Conversion
75% Leads with Phone Numbers
20% Leads With Appointments

We also have a highly-trained team available 24/7 to answer messages on Marketplace. Our messaging experts are held to the highest customer service standards, and they provide your dealership unmatched results.

ActivEngage Web-Based Chat

ActivEngage gets your car dealership more opportunities, more appointments, and more cars sold.

Today’s car buyers aren’t only shopping on your dealership’s website. With ActivOne, our comprehensive communications solution, your dealership is present wherever your customers are. Whether it be on Facebook, Craigslist, Google, or your website, our team (or yours) can connect with car buyers and drive them to your physical store.

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