Revolve online retailing tool with guide-by-side assistance for car dealers

3 Ways Revolve is Transforming Automotive Digital Retailing

Consumers are used to having everything at their fingertips, from ordering household items to food delivery. Now, with digital retailing, purchasing a car can also be at their fingertips. With Revolve, your customers can purchase a car without ever leaving their couch—and in a stress-free way. This fully guided service makes the purchasing process convenient, secure, and delivers true online sales for your business. So what is Revolve? 

Revolve: Digital Retailing, Evolved.

We often hear digital retailing being called a tool… but maybe that’s the first problem. What if we thought of digital retailing as a service instead? Since 2007, ActivEngage has had hundreds of thousands of conversations with car buyers. While a lot has changed about consumer behavior, one constant remains: purchasing a vehicle is still a very human experience. From the excitement of the test drive to holding our breaths when we get our finance rates, it’s a very relatable, sharable experience. The car business is a people business.

Revolve, ActivEngage’s retailing service, was born from the premise that people still want to buy cars from people. Technology is simply the medium. We’ve broken down the features of Revolve so you can see just what makes it the right end-to-end solution for you and your customers:

Guide by Side™ assistance

Give your customers access to a live retailing specialist when they have questions about the buying process. Offering humanized support and a more relatable experience during the purchase helps build trust and rapport.

Penny-Perfect pricing

Allow your customers to get accurate offers and pricing. Thanks to the platform’s unique integrations, your dealership can offer fully-worked deals online.

Customizable deal-building workflows

Give your dealership control over how much of the car buying process can be completed online.

Not just for online sales

Revolve includes both desking and web tools that can be used for in-person purchases at the dealership.  

Given the new normal of less physical interaction, more and more dealerships are rushing to launch digital retailing on their websites. Unfortunately, hasty decisions and overly complex retailing tools can lead to frustrated customers that will still buy a car — but likely not from you. 

So what exactly are consumers looking for in the online car buying process? And how can your dealership offer the best customer experience for your shoppers with Revolve? 

Consumers are seeking simplicity

A study done by Harvard Business Review found that the easier a brand makes the purchase-decision journey, the higher its decision-simplicity score, which can lead to higher conversions. Here’s a short clip on it from ActivEngage President, Ted Rubin:

Car buying is often thought of as a long, complicated experience. Revolve can help make the experience convenient and easy for your customers. Live human assistance throughout the purchasing process builds confidence in the information and tools provided and offers the ability to compare options easily. This simplicity-driven solution can ultimately create trust between the customer and your dealership.

Guide By Side™ – Your customer’s personal shopper

Revolve’s Guide By Side™ feature is unlike anything else in the industry; one of the reasons why is because it’s powered by the highest-converting team in automotive. ActivEngage’s highly-trained Customer Engagement Experts (CEEs) provide your customers with a top-quality experience with every word, in every conversation. Here’s how:

  • Our CEEs get extensive training within the Revolve platform as well as the dealership they will be representing (Our integrated Dealer Notes are a big plus, too!).
  • ActivEngage’s Training Department provides ongoing customer service and technology development to support our team’s high-performance standards.
  • Our corporate culture creates a space for us to comfortably share ways to improve our products and continue putting our clients first.

This all helps our CEEs make the online buying process smoother for the customer. Instill confidence in the buyer’s decision to buy from you.

Customizable workflows to suit your dealership needs



Take advantage of all of the great benefits that come with Revolve, including the flexibility of a tool designed to evolve with the times. We’ve seen firsthand that life can change quickly. Revolve fits your processes and integrates your system to ensure the retailing strategy is tailored to you and your customers. Our customizable workflows allow you to choose how much of the car buying process should be online so you have control.


Powerful integrations that streamline processes

Revolve has integrated trade-in data and appraisal ability to keep the deal moving forward with complete transparency and accuracy. That helps you complete any sale and set the customer up for fast, easy delivery.




Integrations with DealerTrack and RouteOne give your online shoppers access to real-time offers that are calculated down to the cent. Also, because your customers can start the buying process online and complete it in-store, we added functionality for F&I Managers. They can pick up the transaction where the customer left off, right within Revolve at the store!

With Revolve’s integrated Bookout statement, F&I contracting, eContracting, DMS integration, ID verification, and Stips integration, your team does the work ONCE while producing business results both at home and in the dealership.

Your Dealership, Evolved.



In times of social distancing, we’ve seen that digital retailing can help us make life-changing purchases from the safety of our homes. While we didn’t expect these world events, we are proud that Revolve not only delivers great business results, but also helps build relationships with customers in today’s climate. The solution’s unique integrations and capabilities allow dealerships to transact fully online (or not). The unique advantage, however, is that like your business, Revolve is powered by people. And people still buy cars from people they like and trust. And your shoppers trust us.



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