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What you'll get

With our free digital analysis, you’ll get a breakdown of your dealership’s fixed op’s online presence. Plus, we’ll show you how customers behave when searching for service and parts online so you can maximize your effectiveness. In addition to the reporting, we’ll hook you up with a one-on-one consultation led by an SEO/customer experience expert.

Why your dealership needs it

With inventory levels low and more people resuming work/travel, fixed ops departments need to pick up the revenue slack. If you’re not reaching and converting customers online, you’re not performing as well as you think. This analysis will help you recover the customers who are currently slipping through the cracks!

How it's created

We look at and analyze the following items:

  • Google My Business (Service Department Listing)
  • Online Service Directories
  • Social Media
  • Onsite Service and Parts Specials
  • Organic Search Engine
  • Google Paid Ads

After we complete the analysis, we’ll put together suggestions and optimizations that will help your service and parts departments thrive when it matters most.

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