Chat Integration with Car Dealer Website Providers Matters

Written By Eric Schlesinger

I don't know about you, but a car dealership website definitely has an effect on my decision to buy from a car dealer.

Just like any other digital retailing or online shopping experience, customers value a professional looking website, up-to-date aesthetics, and a responsive design.

If a car dealer website lacks one or more of the above-mentioned criteria, my faith falters a bit. If they can't streamline their online processes and digital presence, what can I expect out of their in-store methods? Call me new-fashioned, but, I need some streamlining!

Okay, rant over. What I'm really here to say is that alongside best principles in car dealer website design and features, you should also be on the lookout for vendors who can easily and expertly add to the customer experience of the best car dealer websites and their providers.

Your site visitors not only deserve a clean web page (easily found via Google search), they should also enjoy vendor-provided tools that help further enhance their engagement with your car dealership. And for your side of the fence, vendors that painlessly integrate with your car dealer website of choice (If you have a choice. I'm looking at you, Ford.)

Great Car Dealer Websites Makes All the Difference

Any great car dealership in the digital age should be able to be found online. And anyone in the car dealership business knows that you need a professional car dealership website. It not only gives your actively-searching online customers access to your featured cars and inventory pages (and any other essential pages), but it also gives your marketing efforts more weight by being able to connect with Google Analytics so you can piece together more effective marketing strategies.

A good car dealer knows, at the bare minimum, that having a car dealer website is necessary to attract car buyers. An excellent car dealer knows that the essential tools go beyond simply having a digitally available inventory, and is curious and seeks all the tools that can enhance their dealership customer experience with just a click (or two).

3 Top Car Dealership Website Providers ActivEngage Can Integrate Into

Okay, by now you understand that good car dealer websites help enhance your customer experience and online user experience. But, the best car dealer websites used by car dealers employ the best vendors that play nice with their technology and supplement the experience perfectly.

ActivEngage's automotive live chat code is super clean, agnostic, and able to integrate with any WSP. But, we wanted to let you know which car dealer website providers have the highest levels of integration with us and why you should consider these for your own car dealer website.


    We are the official chat provider for, so we thought we'd give them a special mention. We'll let them do the talking about what they're all about website-wise:

    "Make sure your inventory is accessible to the largest possible number of customers with responsive website design. Our advanced, mobile-first technology delivers a user-focused, search engine-optimized experience when they visit your site with any device. We mobilize and optimize your site for any smart device."

    Hand in hand, ActivEngage and help you get more leads and boost conversion rates.

    With our Inline Chat button, we're able to capture vehicle data, which in turn facilitates an earlier conversation with the customer, higher up in the sales funnel. We're built into their API (Application Programming Interface), so turning on code and integrating with you is done at the proverbial flip of a switch. It doesn't get much easier than that!

  2. Sincro

    We're a certified partner with Sincro. And again, I'll let Sincro explain their whole deal with websites:

    "A fully packed platform that has you covered. Unlock more leads and conversions with Sincro’s dynamic and easy to use website platform technology. And, Sincro websites are 202% more likely to display in search results for an image search."

    Partnering with a website builder this scaleable, flexible, and transparent was a no-brainer. And, from an automotive websites perspective, their data is super transparent. They also place an emphasis on mobile optimization; which is super important for the modern car shoppers of today who are always on their phone; whether it's on apps or social media platforms.

  3. DealerFire

    We're also a certified partner for DealerFire, who runs on their proprietary Engine6 website platform, which is also mobile optimized. Here's what they have to say:

    "Our new Engine6 website platform embodies this formidable partnership, as it delivers a seamless car-shopping experience for all consumers on all devices. Not only is it the fastest website in the industry, Engine6 provides dealers with more control over their virtual showroom than any other platform on the market today. Delivering everything that matters to a car buyer without all the fluff, DealerFire is making online car shopping what it always should be: easy and fun."

    DealerFire also deploys ActivEngage's proprietary, cutting-edge automotive live chat software for their self-managed clients. Thanks, guys!

Honorable Mentions for Car Dealer Websites We Also Integrate Into

As stated before, our code allows us to integrate with virtually ANY automotive website provider, so the listed car dealer websites above aren't the end of the list. Here are more car dealer website providers in the automotive industry we integrate with:

(You're welcome for the backlinks, everyone!)

ActivEngage Can Integrate With Your Car Dealer Website Provider

No matter what automotive website provider you choose, ActivEngage can integrate with it! Over 14,000 car dealerships use the powerful messaging capabilities of ActivEngage and trust us to engage with their potential customers while they search inventory, inquire about a trade in or test drive, or research in the finance calculator on their own site.

In addition to integrating with top car dealer website providers with our Managed Messaging option, we also have other auto dealer website enhancing engagement solutions and other tools that will help you get more traffic in sales and service:

  • ActivTarget. Tailored offers on your website based on customer behavior.
  • RetailSync. Real-time guidance through finance processes.
  • ServiceConnect. We're integrated with XTime, TimeHighway, and DealerSocket to help schedule service appointments.

Ready to discover how ActivEngage helps your dealership succeed?