Bots vs. Humans: From the Perspective of a Customer Engagement Expert.

Chatbots vs. Humans: From the Perspective of a CEE (Customer Engagement Expert)

“Is this a bot?”

“Am I speaking to a living person?”

“How do I know you’re real?”

These are just a few of the questions we get daily. For example, the other day, a man quizzed me on recent wildfires in Santa Cruz to make sure he wasn’t talking to an android. To be fair, I googled every answer (apparently to his satisfaction since he confirmed his belief in me), but the point is still well-noted:

Customers value business interactions with actual human beings.

Unfortunately, even real chatters are prone to sometimes sounding a bit like artificial intelligence. So it’s no surprise that results are less than stellar when one uses a robotic script. Especially scripts that fail to acknowledge nuances of a human conversation and the customer’s needs – whether they’re apparent or underlying. And with no opportunity to share a moment of humor or empathy, a lasting impression is nearly impossible to come by through a strict chatbot interaction.

Dysfunctional robot answering conversation with confusing messages

Chatbots, or even bot-style chatting by a real person, can also serve to frustrate potential customers. For example, customers often have more involved concerns beyond the most straightforward part of the car-buying checklist. If the chatbot only addresses these without paying mind to other subtle needs, the customer feels unheard.

News Alert: Shoppers appreciate when they are heard.

That’s where a personalized chat service comes in. That friendly, no-doubt-its-a-human concierge service establishes a culture of listening and customer care before their fingers even leave the keyboard. A great dealership experience has heart and character. And as such, a tremendous automotive live chat service should have a beating heart on the other end of it!

First impressions are everything. At your dealership, the tone for the experience is set in the very first few minutes. A great messaging experience expedites that first impression to the purchase planning stages for the customer. It helps get rid of doubt and erases that often spoke of “dealership dread.”

Remove "dealership dread."

Friendly messaging experiences can also instill patience and a sense of ease in your shoppers. A warm, understanding, relatable voice can give your sales representatives some leeway in following up on a lead.

Diligent messaging experts note all customer pain points to provide your dealership with full context into the lead. We go the extra mile so that your team is super prepared to dazzle customers during follow-up and beyond.

Empathetic humans set your customer and team up for success, while chatbots miss opportunities and constantly come up short. If you currently use robotic chat and want to experience the advantages of ActivEngage, fill out the form below. Let's talk personalized solutions.


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