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Happy woman chatting with dealership from home

[WEBINAR] Getting Personal During Social Distancing with DealerSocket

Did you miss our webinar with DealerSocket hosted by our very own, Carol Marshall, and Cavan Robinson of DealerSocket? These industry experts discuss […]

ActivEngage COVID-19 Response Message

Committed to Our Customers During COVID-19

Thank you very much for entrusting your customer-facing communication to ActivEngage.  We take this responsibility very seriously, making sure that we deliver detailed […]

consumer privacy laws in automotive

Consumer Privacy in 2020: The New Age of Data Ethics

Welcome to the new decade and the age of data ethics. We’ve entered a time where consumers are warier than ever about how […]

car buyer trends 2019

3 Easy Ways to Keep Up with Car Buyer Trends in 2019

It’s important for businesses in all industries to stay on top of consumer trends. But, for the car dealer, it’s crucial to understand […]

Auto inventory ads on social media

Are Facebook Inventory Ads Stealing Your Customers?

2019 is the year of social media, and more importantly, the year of Facebook. You and I both know your customers are always […]

Human interaction should complement technology

Virtual Reality – Digital Retailing

Increasingly, major national companies are promoting the fact that they have humans, personable beings, answering customer inquiries. Yet, in the automotive industry, the […]

Can you sell used cars on Facebook Marketplace?

Can You Sell Cars on Facebook?

Since Facebook has exploded, businesses have all rushed to capture their audience’s attention and leverage the platform’s marketing potential. In the beginning, gaining […]

Want More Quality Leads? Start Talking About Finance in Chat

“Stop wasting so much time on leads that won’t close!” Sound familiar? If you’ve ever screamed internally when you watch your BDC repeatedly […]

dealership live chat rescue feature

Does Your Dealership Live Chat Team Need Rescuing?

You know that dealership live chat feature vendors are raving about? The one where you can ride in on a horse and shining […]

car dealership holiday incentives for busy shoppers

Automotive Marketing: How to Win Over Multitasking Shoppers – Part 3

Welcome to the final part of our 3-part series on how to win over multitasking shoppers at the dealership. In part 1, we went […]

Tips for car dealership promotions and amenities

Automotive Marketing: How to Win Over Multitasking Shoppers – Part 2

Multitasking shoppers are complex car buyers, and therefore, difficult to attract for car dealers. The thing is, the vast majority of your automotive shoppers […]

Multitasking shoppers need digital marketing strategy

Automotive Marketing: How to Win Over Multitasking Shoppers – Part 1

Do you ever have those days where you have a million things to do and haven’t the slightest idea how to get it […]

Live chat data for dealership marketing

Is Your Dealership Taking Advantage of Live Chat Data?

In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of using live chat conversations to build rapport with your online shoppers, and how […]

Setting appointments increases the value of internet leads

The Competitive Advantage of Internet Leads with Appointments

Internet leads from consumers who schedule and keep an appointment have a closing rate of almost 50%. Meanwhile, traditional ups typically close at […]

Facebook Messenger Ads with ActivEngage

How to Use Facebook Messenger Ads with ActivEngage

Since the inevitable death of organic social reach, dealers’ opportunity to reach and engage Facebook’s 2 billion users rests on paid advertising. Now […]

Google Click-to-Message: Your Secret Weapon for Mobile Ads

You may have heard that Google launched Google My Business Chat, a new feature that allows you to chat directly with customers on […]

How to Turn On Google My Business Chat with ActivEngage

As you know, mobile messaging is quickly becoming a preferred communication method auto shoppers. In fact, a recent Google study shows that car […]

Automotive Digital Marketing: Live Chat Helps During Slowing Car Sales

How to Make the Most of Automotive Live Chat in a Slowing Economy [PODCAST]

You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money into optimizing your car dealership’s digital marketing strategy. Then, you’re told you have to […]


Beat the Summer Slump: How to Drive More Customers to Your Service Bays

We are well into Q3 of 2017, and car sales continue to cool off despite the summer heat. As vehicle sales flatten, optimizing […]

ActivEngage and Dealersocket Partner for service appointments

ActivEngage, Inc. Partners with DealerSocket to Offer Omnichannel Service-Scheduling Options for Car Dealers

June 12, 2017 (Orlando, FL) – ActivEngage, Inc., the most trusted brand in automotive live chat, is proud to announce a new service […]

SMS texting at the dealership

3 Ways to Jumpstart Text Conversations with Your Dealership

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you’ve noticed that just about everyone has a smartphone in their hand […]

accountability at the dealership

Accountability: A Manager’s Way to Success

Accountability in the workplace is the paramount method to success. In order to justify your decisions as an owner or manager of a […]

video chat is not really chat

“Video Chat” is Not Chat

I don’t often like to get into arguments about semantics, but I think this one cannot be ignored. There’s a term out there […]

4 Key Skills Your Dealership’s Self-Managed Live Chat Team Should Have

At ActivEngage, it’s no secret that we’re strong advocates of quality conversations. And we know our managed chat team does it best. But, […]

video chat for car dealership

3 Costly Problems of Video Chat

You know what sucks? When businesses do something they believe will benefit customers, but due to poor execution, ends up being damaging and […]

6 Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile Chat Conversations

The mobile shopping experience has been gaining precedence in the last few years, particularly in the last few months (Thanks, Google!), which is […]

Hire millennials at the car dealership

4 Reasons Your Dealership Should Hire a Millennial Workforce

Generation Y has gotten a bad rep over the past few years, however there are some distinct characteristics that should not be overlooked […]

Risky Business: 3 Ways a Bad Outsourced Chat Team Can Hurt Your Sales

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: not all chat providers are the same. Vendor priorities vary, software technology can be […]

build rapport with shoppers

Use Live Chat to Build Rapport With Shoppers

People buy from businesses they like, trust, and know—which is a big reason why establishing rapport is so important in the sales process, […]

car dealership employees holidays

Avoid Post-Holiday Blues and Boost Employee Morale

I hate to be the one to say it, but (once again) the holidays are practically over. The excitement of gift-giving and receiving […]

4 Reasons Why Shoppers Love Using Live Chat

Automotive marketing as we know it has changed. The Internet now forces dealerships to have an online presence and build relationships with consumers […]

Emotional intelligence sells more cars

Emotion + Information = Expert Selling

They say people buy with their emotions. However, what actually happens is a mix between influential information and emotional cues. MarketingProfs provides some […]

how to use geofencing in chat

How to Use Geofencing with Live Chat

The Internet allows you to have a global street corner for your dealership’s Digital Storefront, but sometimes it’s wise (and profitable) to send […]

Calling from a business phone

6 DO’s and DON’Ts for Incoming Dealership Phone Calls

Incoming calls are some of the hottest leads for a dealership. However, if best practices aren’t in place, these calls can turn from […]

live chat strategy for car dealers

Use Live Chat to Promote Your Dealership’s Competitive Advantages

In a perfect world, shoppers would immediately know your dealership’s competitive advantages (i.e., amenities, “why buy” statement, and specials) by perusing your website. […]

Why You Need to Join the Mobile Chat Revolution

“Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” — Victor Hugo As the live chat industry grows, chat technology is […]

Megaphone stop!

7 Ways Live Chat Can Fail and How to Prevent Them

Live chat isn’t always as easy as adding code to your website and watching the leads come into your CRM. If you don’t […]


How Timing Can Affect These 3 Elements on Your Dealership Website

“You don’t have to swing hard to hit a home run. If you got the timing, it’ll go.” – Yogi Berra Three American […]

auto dealer chat tips

3 Live Chat Tips for Your Dealership’s In-House Team

Investing in self-managed live chat can be a big, yet profitable step for your dealership. It saves you money and allows you to […]

Winter Tips for Better Dealership Processes

Have You Winterized Your Dealership Processes Yet?

Dare I say it…soon enough, it’s going to be winter. And when winter comes, you’re not going to share another Game of Thrones […]

Live chat follow-up is crucial to dealership success

What’s Your Chat Follow-Up Process?

Live chat success does not happen on its own. Success happens when your dealership flawlessly incorporates live chat into its daily processes. And one of […]

Tips for Evaluating Your Live Chat Provider

How to Evaluate Your Live Chat Provider

You signed up with a live chat provider because you believed it would be beneficial to your dealership’s business. So how often do […]

Are These Excuses Keeping You From Test Chatting Live Chat Vendors?

“My dog ate my homework.”For anyone who went through the United States’ public school system since the 1970s, this should be a very […]

Chat customer service phrases to avoid

4 Phrases Your Online Shoppers DON’T Want to Hear

Have you ever sat down at a restaurant, decided what you wanted to eat, and then as soon as the waiter comes by […]

Lessons in Live Chat from The Karate Kid

Dealers, your online customers want to communicate with you in real-time. Having live chat services is the best way to connect with them, […]

overcome shopper distrust during the car buying experience

7 Steps to Overcome Shopper Distrust

There’s an ongoing struggle in the dealership community for winning a shopper’s trust. Why? Because shoppers have a preconceived idea of the car […]

How to Build a Better Dealership Culture

Your Dealership Staff Wants a Culture of Appreciation

A dealership is often a high-stress environment. And if you don’t have a viable dealership culture of appreciation, you’re going to have to […]

upgrade your online customer service with chat

3 Ways to Improve Your Live Chat Game

Live chat can be a great way to offer excellent online customer service, generate leads, and build lasting relationships with shoppers. When customers […]

Soccer Stadium

Be the Cristiano Ronaldo of Dealerships

News about the World Cup and its rockstar soccer players have been making headlines lately. One of the hottest players of the moment […]

Don't use these words at the showroom

Dealer Terminology You Should Never Use Around Your Customers

“It is the obvious which is so difficult to see most of the time. People say, ‘It’s as plain as the nose on […]

How to Sell Cars with an iPad

A colleague recently mentioned going to an old-fashion diner and having her order taken on an iPad. As contrary as it seems, it […]

Live chat backup holiday fails

Your Live Chat Backup Service is Unprepared for Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong — will go wrong.” Therefore, severe weather happens, and when it does, your live chat […]

Pumpkin carving

What Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring Can Teach You About Management

If you’ve seen AMC’s Breaking Bad, you already know about the radical transformation of Walter White, a chemistry teacher who turned into a […]