ASOTU Empowers Dealerships with ASOTU CON

Written By AE Staff

A little over two years ago, you would have thought the automotive industry and retail automotive, as we know it in America, was ending.

That’s what the media would have you think. The feelings were warranted on the surface. A global chip shortage and resultant inventory shortage had the industry sweating and we were being warned to be prepared for the worst. We fear the unknown, and a lack of control over the situation can worsen that feeling.

The thing about people, though, is that they are strong. Sometimes, surprisingly so. People are incredibly resilient, whether surviving life-threatening situations, gaining bursts of super strength in adrenaline-fueled crises, or finding ways to navigate and connect in the automotive industry in an unprecedented modern pandemic.

ASOTU Empowers the Automotive Industry

Paul J Daly, a marketing master in the auto industry, watched the COVID shutdowns unfold on an unsuspecting population but refused to believe that people would buckle under its uncertain weight.

He knew that people were too strong and resilient to allow that to happen. And together with Kyle Mountsier, another automotive marketing pro, these two best and brightest created a community that encourages, highlights, and preserves the indomitable human spirit at the automotive industry's core. More specifically, dealerships.

Enter: Automotive State of the Union (AKA ASOTU. Pretty snappy name, right?)

The ASOTU mission is built on the mantra "When Dealers Band Together, No Crisis Can Win." Their unique brand of content leads the way to a new way to think about retail automotive, helps encourage the community to always do their best and give the industry the love it deserves, and highlights key industry partners who love and share their sentiments.

And, judging by how quickly they have gained thousands of followers on LinkedIn, and their strong presence on other social platforms, you can tell they have just what the doctor ordered for this amazing community. Their deep experience bursts through every piece of micro-content and podcast, and the industry is coming alive with a new hope.

Relationships With Industry Partners Activate an Amazing Community

Once ActivEngage caught wind of ASOTU and its mission, we knew we were kindred spirits. We both believe in the vision of dealers providing a fantastic customer experience and engaging insights, cultivating a great working environment, and providing meaningful engagement services that inspire trust and encourage action. Our people-focused philosophies aligned perfectly, and their insights really hit home.

An Innovative, First-Of-Its-Kind Automotive Conference – ASOTU CON

While ASOTU, with Paul and Kyle's help, has cultivated an impressive online presence and community culture with its content in the retail automotive space, it has primarily been digital. The thing about a community in a post-pandemic world is that a community naturally wants to come together – and not just over a Zoom meeting.

Thus, ASOTU CON was born. And the worried auto industry spirit was reborn anew.

Bringing dealers, OEMs, and even big thinkers from outside the automotive industry together, ASOTU CON aims to inject a much-needed adrenaline shot into the modern automotive conference and content game. With rapid-fire speaking sessions and workshops that focus on substance, not length, quick-draw pitch sessions, and live entertainment, this first-of-its-kind automotive conference is sure to make a splash.

Attendees will be recharged, ready to serve their customers better, and have ideas for a new way how dealers can connect and foster loyalty in their customers.

ActivEngage is Bringing the Conversation to ASOTU CON

Because of the spirit of ASOTU’s mission, ActivEngage is proud to have the opportunity to join and collaborate with them for ASOTU CON.

Our Chief Operations Officer, Carol Marshall, will be speaking on a panel titled “Elevating the Consumer Conversation.” As the first automotive live chat company on the scene back in 2007, we are excited to showcase our time-tested conversational expertise to a passionate community of real champions of the retail automotive industry and its mission to deliver exceptional customer experiences and meaningful engagement for their surrounding communities.

In addition, we’re sponsoring the ASOTU VIP Lounge for the event: a high-rise bar above the unprecedented automotive conference space in the Xfinity Live! Center in southern Philadelphia: featuring delicious food, drink, and even massage therapists!

We're looking forward to seeing old friends and industry partners, making new ones, and contributing insights to this new brand of automotive conference in the beautiful city of Philadelphia.

We can’t wait!

Connect with the ActivEngage Team at ASOTU CON

We’ve got a whole crew to GO 2 ASOTU! 

Check out the roll call for our ASOTU CON crew and how you can connect with them! 

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