ActivEngage Mobile Chat App Now Includes Picture-Taking Capabilities

Written By AE Staff

October 21, 2014 (Orlando, FL) -- ActivEngage, the most trusted brand in automotive live chat, has released their newly enhanced mobile chat app now available on both iOS and Android platforms for all ActivEngage chat customers.

vehicle_picture_in_phoneAmong the many great features built into the updated iPhone app, dealership employees can now capture and send photos of vehicle inventory and vehicle repairs during a chat, which helps to quickly answer customer questions about a vehicle’s condition and alleviate concerns about service orders. To easily take these photos, employees can seamlessly transfer conversations from a desktop to their mobile phone just by logging into the mobile app.

To help ensure the appropriate dealer representative answers the chat, the ActivGoMobile app allows dealers to transfer chats between departments. The app also gives managers the ability to monitor chats in real-time to assist with any difficult questions.

ActivEngage also says their mobile app is a safer communication tool than texting by allowing dealers to avoid all of the potential liability issues and response delays associated with text-based conversations.

“Our new mobile app with photo capabilities is a first for the automotive industry,” says Todd Smith, CEO of ActivEngage. “Dealers can now send photos through chat and shoppers don’t have to switch to an SMS platform or wait for an email to receive the information they are requesting. Live chat is meant to be an instantaneous form of communication and our new mobile app features are sure to impress any impatient online shopper.”


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